RuneScape will have normal items which somebody about there lvl would have

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So, there I was reading the"Behind the Scenes - August" and discovered that they had a concept for a brand new fire making-based mini-game... well, I was bored, and have been thinking how they could use a fun, different, imaginative hunter mini-game RS Gold 2007. I came a rough outline for a notion... please note, if folks like thought, I'll work on it more, and maybe try some vision, but for now, please Don't Hesitate to rate idea

JaGeX has been doing more and more animal updates lately. There have been penguins, summoning, and the like. And from quests, many people prefer to appear being the creature. Well, I think that could be a cool mini-game. I was thinking of two ways this could go about, howeverI would just like to state I'll be publishing it, and things the more ideas I get.

This 1st thought more or less motivated the title... I thought rather than attempting to catch an NPC animal, the hunter (or is he?) Could try to hunt other players who have been transformed into animals. The way I figured this could work, is:

Animal Side: The goal here would be that your attempting to escort a defenseless NPC creature, that wants to get back to the safety of the home. However, many hunters are about, who appear to want the rare creature. Yet, you haven't continued this long without learning a few of the hunter's tricks! :-RRB- Using different abilities which each distinct animal has, 1 (possibly an imp) could steal the bait, yet another (possibly a raccoon) ruin the traps, possibly have one attack the hunters, along with other things, possibly all of the way to leaving bait to acquire the NPC creature back to home the fastest way possible.

Human Side: The powerful (and not so powerful ) hunters of the world have gathered in this spot, for it was discovered, a rare animal was seen in the area. The one issue you'll be able to see is that with so many hunters around, your odds of getting it won't be good. After all, it is not like the dumb animals would try to stop you!

However, out of nowhere, traps begin to fall, bait goes missing, a few individuals are being attacked by. . Creatures? and there! You see the rare creature... but it's to fragile to pick up, and you require it living or all is lost! Maybe if enouph traps were set before it Buy RuneScape Gold, and a few of the specially designed traps set up farther down the road have been activated, you might have a chance!

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