Madden 20 first to grab Rob Gronkowski of Rob Bunk jersey

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NFL superstar Rob Gronkowski recently retired and signed with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to join his former patriot teammate Tom Brady in Florida. One of the biggest surprises in history. The 2020 season has not yet begun, but thanks to Madden NFL 20, we have the debut of Gronkowski with Bucs jerseys. The video games of the Madden series related to this have always been very popular, and players' demand for MUT Coins is also increasing.

It was a real journey to see Gronk and Brady in the new game because both players were selected by the Patriots, and it was only until now that they played for New England throughout their English career. Watch the video below to see the new jerseys of Gronk and Brady. In addition to this video, Bucs also posted a picture of shopping with photos, which also shows the new jerseys of the two players.

Brady was awarded a two-year, $ 50 million contract to move into Bucs, while Grankovsky received $ 10 million in revenue. The 2020 NFL season is expected to begin in September, but due to the COVID-19 crisis, will it proceed as planned.

As for NFL video games, Madden NFL 21 is expected to be released around August, which is also the tradition of the annual series. Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson (cover). Jackson (Jackson) has created a record season, the quarterback has the most rushing yards, and was unanimously voted as the 2019 NFL Most Valuable Player. He is the second player in history to win a consistent victory after Tom Brady and the second youngest winner after Jim Brown. He is also the youngest quarterback in NFL history and started the professional bowl game.

In addition to Madden NFL 21, 2K Sports has also developed non-simulator NFL games and is also developing a new mobile game called NFL Clash. Before the release of Madden 21 and new mobile games, most players are still playing Madden 20. If players need to Buy MUT Coins that are cheap and easy to use, I think GameMS can help you out.

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