Investing in thematic funds

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The decision of where to put our capital in the search to obtain benefits through dividends and income is never easy. The investor trade is forged with experience and good judgment. A very recent trend is to pay attention to investing in thematic funds.

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There are multiple offers that we can evaluate from the stock markets to incorporate them into our investment portfolio. We know that, in addition to placements in shares of individual companies, we have funds based on indices such as SP 500, NASDAQ, Ibex35, Dow Jones and others.

What does it mean to invest in thematic funds?

The investment proposal in thematic funds is committed to giving priority in the allocation of our capital to niches of companies dedicated to a specific mission. In short, it is about hunting down a sector of productive activity related to projects of a futuristic nature.

As expected, if we talk about the future, in terms of investment we would be talking about the long term. Investing in thematic funds is a long-term bet that seeks to financially support companies in certain sectors whose objectives are related to disruptive technologies that tend to change paradigms. 

Likewise, this investment strategy aims to focus on ecology and minimizing the footprint that production processes leave on the environment.

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They favor companies oriented to develop projects based on emerging technology, eager for capital to attend to the megatrends that show their influence as the millennium progresses.

Megatrends funds

What is called megatrends refers to the great themes that the intellectuals who are part of the great centers of thought - or think tanks - envision that they will prevail in modern societies.

These are areas that will produce the great advances and innovations in the coming years and that will undoubtedly impact the economy and, in general, society as we conceive it.

The economic activities around the changes that are expected to be marked trends in the coming decades are highlighted . For example, regarding the sustainability of the planet, demographic changes and disruptive technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics.

Mainly, these megatrends are topics of interest to investors who prefer investing in thematic funds. Of course, the purpose and, above all, the time horizon within which you want to invest will always influence.

New ventures, new investments

The truth is that these great issues are causing a litter of new ventures aimed at producing solutions for the future. Just as a few years ago the rise of the Internet brought attractive dividends to those who anticipated, it is expected that in the middle of the centuries we will see juicy fruits for portfolios with this profile.

Among these types of funds, some that are available are the following:

  • CPR Global Silver Age (demographics).
  • Alianz GIF (artificial intelligence).
  • PARVEST (Climate impact).
  • Pictet Global Megatrend (combined).
  • DPAM (sustainability).

This is a way of managing portfolios, making a difference with sector funds that, although they serve to agglutinate titles of companies in the same sector, the issuing members are not necessarily aligned with the aforementioned megatrends.

Thematic indexes

Thematic indices are a special class of stock indices that are in charge of monitoring groups of companies that are part of the megatrends in their different areas.

As with traditional indices, these indicators present information on the capitalization behavior of securities issued by companies engaged in activities around what is dictated by major trends.

Among the best known are:

  • DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index).
  • FTSE4Good.
  • MSCI.

They are a highly valued support by investors who are interested in this type of instruments very in vogue in the stock market, due to the possibility of producing exponential dividends in the medium and long term, as well as their attention to ecological issues.


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