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On the topic of the quest, I thought of some basic requirements. They are: Ability to RuneScape gold enter all the Godwars's chambers. Completion of this Legends pursuit. Completion of Recipe for Disaster. At least 250 quest points. Completion of Meeting History. In addition to this, very good skill levels all-purpose will help, and an ability to resolve tough puzzles.

So, thinking about this some more, I decided that Jorral would ask you to collect some more info about the Godwars. He'd eventually upgrade your Enchanted Key, enabling you to go back 10 years ahead of the Godwars. You get to speak to the 5 gods involved in the wars, and assist each one in early preparations for its wars.

Eventually, Guthix will teleport you further forward in history, to a month before the wars. You get to meet up the 5 gods again, amassing information and helping their preparations for your wars. Guthix will then teleport you back to the current, and you go to Jorral and tell him all you have learnt.

He will then let you visit the dungeon and use an activation crystal each of the god's alters. Whenever you do, you unlock a hidden chamber, which you have to set your abilities and your puzzle-solving abilities to the exam, in order to decode the real cause of the Godwars. Once you've worked your way although the misty chamber, you must combat a Warrior of Guthix, an Archer of Guthix and a Mage of Guthix at precisely the exact same time so as to make it to the inner sanctum of the room, and find the real cause of the wars.

Once you complete this task, you go back to Jorral and he rewards you with a wholesome supply of exp across all your abilities, and your currently able to put in the chamber and battle the toughest monsters at any moment. But cheap OSRS gold just once you feel the experiences over, it's not!

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