Alright Construction has many many fun ideas

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Of OSRS gold course, what exactly are mini-games without benefits? :wub: I thought, because almost all miniature games do clothing to try out something a bit different. 1st, there will of course be the optional exp choice for points. However, to kind help with summoning, I thought possibly 1 pet you can buy would be a cool thought. Other than that, however, I thought maybe you can buy traps which don't drop down, perhaps a FEW clothes, and maybe a decorative shield with various animals on such or it. (again, thoughts are welcome) Also, is it only me, or is hunt kind of a weird word? Consider it.

Alright Construction has many many fun ideas... but there are a couple of things I really would love to see added to PoH. Farming Room Hotspots. This is merely a easy approach that will assist you farm a lot longer... that cannot possibly provide you any high up benefit over the rest because it does not speed up your time to get Harvests or anything like that... it is just a simple way to Farm in the confort of your home with your selection of what plots to get.

There are 2 side hide stains, these can be made into anything but distinctive farming patches (I.E: Calquats, Spirit Trees, Etc.) and if anything but allotments are created it will create 2. All these are on the sides of the space, just like in catherby's farming spot.

There's an upperpatch, which may be made into any patch type but particular, and allotment. Then there is the center patch, which can be made into almost any patch however allotment. The final hotspot, is a mulch hotspot, which is on the opposit side of the highest patch, along side this hotspot is a bank buy RuneScape gold booth hotspot, which may be made into a bank booth.

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