Real estate market: what you need to know to prepare for the future

Discover 4 trends in the real estate market and why (and where!) To stay informed every year, the whole year is important to prepare for the future.


One of the main services that a real estate agent provides to his clients is to have the answers to the main questions of real estate financing and real estate market at the tip of the tongue. 

Therefore, it is necessary to keep up to date in relation to the news in the real estate market, which is dynamic in nature. Throughout this article, you will learn:

  • About macroeconomic trends in Brazil
  • Examples of technological innovations that add value to the customer
  • Finding real estate market news and indices
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The daily life of the real estate market is clearly regulated by Brazilian law. The profession of real estate broker, for example, became a legal necessity in the 1960s. 

As is natural in the legislative world, there are new demands and updates that have been shown to be necessary over the years. Therefore, the understanding of the law is not fixed and can change - which demonstrates the importance of being attuned to events. 

Some examples:

  • In February 2017 , the federal government created a new salary range for families in the Minha Casa Minha Vida program , expanding access for those with up to R $ 9 thousand monthly income
  • In March 2018 , in response to the request of the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), CRECIs revoked the tables with minimum prices for brokerage services
  • In November 2018, the STJ set a precedent to free the payment of real estate gain tax for those who exchange property and earn a portion of the money, an understanding already accepted by the Federal Revenue Service

Allowing time to constantly update, therefore, allows you to know what is happening in the national economy and what are the movements made or that are to come. And that adds value to the customer!

For Alex Lee, a broker for about 10 years and Loft's Top Broker partner, there were changes in customer behavior directly related to information consumption. “The buyer is more rational, researching a lot before making a decision”, he says.

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If 2019 showed good signs of recovery, the outlook for 2020 is even more optimistic, a trend in the real estate market for the coming years after a long economic crisis.

For those on the cutting edge of things, things also look good. "I have felt that the buyer is more active in the search for a new property and less afraid to take this important step," says Alex Lee. 


The fall in the Selic rate makes mortgage loans cheaper, which makes financing much more attractive to the buyer. Anyone who closes a 30-year mortgage today will spend all that time at the same interest rate as the day of the subscription. 

In early December 2019, the federal government lowered the Selic rate to 4.5%, the lowest figure in history. In the wake of the announcement, Caixa Econômica Federal announced a new fixed minimum mortgage rate: from 6.75% to 6.5%. This rate includes the sum of the Referential Rate (TR), which is now zeroed.

According to Basilio Jafet, president of Secovi-SP, in an interview with the newspaper Folha de São Paulo, each 1 percentage point of interest decrease is a 15% reduction in the amount of the financing installment.

In order to remain competitive, other banks take note of this movement in the market and the trend is that they also lower their own rates, which today vary between 7.3% and 9.5%. 


In September 2019, the federal government announced news about the housing program Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV), which is divided into 4 income brackets with different subsidy percentages.

In 2020, its budget is expected to drop by almost half, to R $ 2.7 billion. Management is also studying to limit access to the program for part 1, among those who earn up to R $ 1,800 per month. In range 4, which includes families that receive up to R $ 9 thousand per month, nothing changes.


With the fall in the basic interest rate, the cheaper mortgage loans and the prospect of a recovery in the economy, new customers will come (many!). A survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Developers (Abrainc) shows the potential that opens up in the area: the number can give access to real estate credit to 2.8 million families in the country.

Also according to Abrainc , developers expect 1 million new homes in 2020 , the majority coming from the federal government housing program mentioned above. About 150 thousand of them must be of medium and high standard.


Nowadays, almost everything is done with at least a little help from digital to add value to your product or service

When it comes to the real estate market, there are countless possibilities: investing in data science to make the sector more agile and well-informed, as well as in tools that facilitate the life of the buyer or seller.

Examples already in force in real estate is the growth of online prospecting to brokers by managing leads and digital marketing strategies l , and technological innovations such as real estate pricing simulators and real estate financing.

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The real estate agent must unite the two ends of the real estate market: to know the macroeconomic scenario and the news of the financial sector, which impact on the decision of the real estate transaction, and the soft skills and interpersonal relationships necessary to help people to close good deals.

Improving oneself in one part or another in a definitive way is impossible. After all, the Brazilian economic and social scenario is dynamic and each client is unique, with their particular desires and desires. In other words? The learning of a good broker never ends.

Staying informed helps to talk to clients, who today have access to a lot of information about the real estate market, sums up Alex Lee. “And we always have to be at least one step ahead of them - and not the other way around.”

That said, below are some valuable tips so that you are always up to date on what is most important in the real estate market!


  • Read the daily Economy and Daily editorials of the major newspapers, portals and magazines in your city.
  • Study your city's Master Plan , where long-term strategies for the territory are outlined
  • Talk about the market with your colleagues constantly: it's a great way to update yourself!
  • Keep an eye on the numbers that give the market temperature, such as Abrainc-Fipe Radar and FipeZap Index
  • Do constant training and studies : Loft offers courses on the Loft Pro 100% free distance learning platform

But be careful: even if information is never too much, you value quality“In addition to the basics, like newspapers and magazines, we have several podcasts, blogs, etc. But not everything that is directed to the broker has quality”, warns Alex. 

With this qualitative filter activated, he prefers to open his newsletters, among which are Remax and Bossa Nova Sotheby’s. “And, without wanting to pull the sardine, I try to follow everything from the Loft -  Instagram , blog, Loft Talks - because the themes tend to be 'more to do with me'”, he amuses himself.

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