Animal Crossing: New Horizons visitors explained: Who they are and why they're all important

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Understand the value and purpose of each animal journey: new horizon visitors are an important part of the game where you can live a beautiful island life. Every week, you will see the complete character in the square and other places, so it is important to understand the significance and importance of each character.

Here are a few conventional animal crossings: New Horizon visitors, the time and date of their arrival and why they are useful to you.

Flick is a frightening connoisseur. It will buy any bugs from you at a higher price than Nook's Cranny, remove the bugs from you, and then pay you, without asking you any other questions. You can even trade three bugs of the same type with him. He will make a model for you and deliver it to you for free the next day. Animal Crossing Bells can help you buy all kinds of props, with it, the game will become very convenient, the transaction is also 100% safe, and the timeliness is high, do not have to wait until the next day!

C.J. is your permanent maritime sports streamer. In the world of "Animal Crossing: New Horizons", it is a popular tourist, and his value on your island should not be underestimated. He will set up a "sea sports challenge" for you. This sport includes catching three fish of a certain size in a row. When you are finished, he will buy any fish from you at a higher price. This is a good way to make huge profits by selling rare fish (especially those that only appear at night). You can also use three fish of the same type to trade with him, and get a model made by the creature. Doing these tasks will inevitably cost players a lot of time. Players with limited time can choose Buy ACNH Bells on IGGM, which will save you a lot of time.

Kicks are proboscis skunks with noses. He usually wears good shoes or the best leather bag. As a shoemaker, he takes a travel shop to your island every week to provide rare discoveries that will not appear in the Able Sisters series. Please note that you ca n’t preview items before using Kicks to purchase, he will not provide full color range for each item.