How To Write A Descriptive Essay

A descriptive essay is meant to immerse the readers. It is not always an easy task, so you can use an Word Counter to do it for you anytime.

 A descriptive essay is meant to immerse the readers. It is not always an easy task, so you can use an Word Counter to do it for you anytime. A descriptive essay is meant to be vivid, crisp, and scintillating. It requires special creative and imaginary skills to create an excellent descriptive essay. Here we shall run you through what exactly you need to do.

Start With A Good Hook

We are all familiar with our stories beginning with “once upon a time…” With this phrase, we very quickly understand that certain events are going to follow. Beginnings like this keep the readers hooked. Open with a rhetorical question or a bold statement. Following this, outline your context. If you find this to be too difficult, you can always hire My Assignment Services to do it for you.

Use Metamorphic Language

The language of a descriptive essay is essential. It should be simple but figuratively very rich. Using metaphors, similes or personification can attract the attention of the readers. Phrases like, "Her ears were as delicate as seashells," immediately captures the readers and keep them engrossed. If you are not through with figures of speech, use an Essay Writer to frame your essay efficiently.

Use proper description

A descriptive essay can describe a place, time, person, or even emotions. So you need to understand the assignment topic carefully to use accurate descriptions. These descriptions will provide a vivid picture of the characters or events in your stories. The more descriptive it is, the more realistic it will seem. Also, while choosing your descriptions, make sure to run them through Thesis Writing to avoid copyright issues.

Use Sensory details

Usage of sensory imagery is a must in descriptive essays. Words like the wet, stale, chalky taste, musty, heart-thumping are sensory words. These words evoke our senses and give us a feeling that we are present at the scene. These imageries will allow the reader to be connected with the writer and have a very realistic feel.

Choose Dynamic Words

Your choice of words is what is going to impress the readers. So instead of using ordinary words, try to use a more dramatic synonym of those words. If you have ever used a resume builder service, you will notice that they frame a resume like a story. Like the details and everything is yours, but still, they put a new touch to it. Instead of going with the exact conventional words in your essays, research through a dictionary or thesaurus to make it more pictorial.

These were some valuable tips that will allow you to write a stellar descriptive essay and score high.

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