You wil ahve to pickpoctet te large preist

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The most important RuneScape gold function in the Saradomin and Zamorak teams, they're the only function that can do some damage to the royalty; they'll leave 5 minutes to the round. They need to evade all the ranks, sneak into the castle, and kill the Royalty; they're given 10 scrolls that will make them only visible to members of their team, they last for 10 seconds and drain between two and 20 Prayer Factors.He gives you the scroll of the omega. Proceed to the elemental workshop and there will be a new portals site on the first floor, you will teleport to a place like thre character mione only its a stadium. Go to the podium and apply the lose all of your runes. It will summon the omega elemental (460) a roguh sketch of it's this megaelemtanatmh9.png it's a volcano arm and torado arm, it ft cna create torandos and it spits out flood capible water. Its made of black smoke.

At the center there is a giant rune with all the symbols on it. Speak to boot and he states it will reqire goldnot the pubs but coins. After getting 10 mil gold he will direct you to a ginat cannon and will burst you into the plane summoner area together with the piecs of this altar. Ivan wll then say that the stand for the altar is needed. You will need to visit sophaniem. Ivan will accompany you for this one. Speak to some citizen and they will inform you about a key under temple below the telmple/ look for a trapdoor right behind the altar.

You wil ahve to pickpoctet te large preist. Which has a 20% likelihood of retirving. So multiple tries might be nessary. I the scret temple you will probably be captured by the guards and also be thrown out into the middle of the desert and all your waterskins taken away. Ivan will tell you that there were lots of rocks in the region. And that your sign you turn to a stone temple map: sophtempsoe6.png at the center you get limestone schmatics. Ivan indicate another way to leave by collapsing cheap OSRS gold the tunnels. He will give you bronze pickaxe in case you dont have one.

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