Bring the heart to Willus to complete the creature

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Being it to Willus along with the monster will be finished. Of course such creature's don't just come to existence. Willus will give you a letter to RuneScape gold bring to Merlin asking that he helps to bring the monster to life. Merlin does not want to support the monster, so bribe him with 50gp. He gives you some Magical Essence and informs you it can be smithed into a heart. Use it using an anvil to get a Magical Heart. (provides 500 Smithing experience)

Bring the heart to Willus to complete the creature. Presently a cutscene will play along with the creature will crack down a castle wall and dive into the ocean where you can not access to it. Yet. Talk to Willus and he will inform you about a magical armor called"Merma Armor" which enables you to breathe underwater.

The substance to make it is a rare ore which may only be found submerged. Get your swimming gear and also have Murphy bring you underwater. Close to the crabs is a crack in the stone that you can go through (50 Agility demanded ) to get to cheap RS gold an underwater mine that has the ore you want. Mine about 25 of them and then head back to Willus. He gives you a Magical Chisel. You need 60 Defence to utilize it.

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