How to remove tinder from facebook

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Remove Tinder from facebook

Tinder is a geosocial networking app that allows users to find matches near their areas. One of the most popular dating sites, Tinder allows users to access Tinder through their Facebook account. But at the same time, if any user does not have a Facebook account or doesn’t want to access Tinder through Facebook, they can also use their phone number and email address to access Tinder.

Removing Tinder from Facebook is quite different from one operating system to another. This short post will explain the procedure to remove tinder from facebook on your android device.

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Below are the steps to remove tinder from the Facebook account;

  •         First, open your Facebook app
  •         Go to the Menu tab
  •         Now, scroll down to the bottom, pull down the Settings Privacy list, and choose Setting.
  •         Find the Security tab, and go to Apps and Website options
  •         Enter editing Logged in with Facebook
  •         Select Tinder and click the Remove Tinder
  •         Finally, you will have to mark I delete all posts, photos, videos, and click Remove.
  •         Well done, you have successfully removed tinder from your Facebook account.


Removing Tinder from the Facebook account is simple if you step by step follow the procedure. Remember, our tinder experts are right there to assist you on the technical front. Keep our tinder phone number always with you to answer Tinder-related issues, including how to remove Tinder from the Facebook account.

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