Build for the Shadow Trickster class in Path of Exile 3.3

The Trickster is a hybrid class that combines increased speed, maneuverability, and slippery defenses in a single package.

The Trickster is a hybrid class that combines increased speed, maneuverability, and slippery defenses in a single package. It is particularly well-suited for Shadows who deal more damage than time, such as those who poison their victims. Shade Type and Escape Artist provide them with additional layers of protection to their evasion and power shield, rewarding playstyles that emphasize taking hits on a regular basis. Swift Killer also provides them with Power and Frenzy charge generation, as well as bonuses, and Weave the Arcane provides them with significant mana savings. Now, POE4SALE is pleased to present to you the best PoE 3.3 Shadow Trickster Build available. POE4SALE, an expert Poe Currency web page, provides you with secure, quick, and low-cost buy poe orbs at a reasonable price. Over the course of more than ten years of excellence, we've had the opportunity to serve a large number of clients. If you are unsure about where to purchase Poe Exalted Orb, POE4SALE will most likely be a good option.

1. Molten Strike Trickster Build with Extremely Fast Clearing and Farming Speed

The Oni-Goroshi sword serves as the inspiration for this design. In addition to receiving Her Embrace, which is a buff that makes us immune to stun, burning ground, freeze, and chill, we also receive 123% of physical sword damage as other fire harm and a second Onslaught effect when we ignite an enemy. The disadvantage of this sword is that it has a strong DoT, whereas Her Embrace has a lower DoT because of fire resistance and other factors.
The damage is primarily scaled with physical, crit, and elemental damage before being converted to physical damage. Because the Oni-Goroshi deals so much damage on its own, we can devote our efforts to increasing our life pool and improving our defense.

This will allow you to create a legitimately strong league starter. This build will be used by myself this season as a POE4SALE gamer. Unfortunately, they changed the dropping price of the Oni Goroshi sword and made it more difficult to obtain as a result. No one knows how long you'll have to farm for it at this point in time. POE4SALE gamer will personally attempt it out at the start of the season and crop it, and will report back on his or her experience as soon as possible. Another option would be a 5/6link chest for our two-player main harm setup, which would include swapping gems and two touches of anguish claws. Clearing necessitates a significant amount of illness.

2. Trickster Build with Tanky, Budget, Fast Clear, and Lag-Free Performance

The purpose of this guide is to provide an exceptionally in-depth run-down of how to play the Death's Oath Trickster, which has helped me get through the final two leagues of the game. This build was the 12th Trickster on a ladder when it reached level 97 in bestiary Flashback SC, making it roughly the 230th highest level player in the world. If you are aiming for a significant ten spot, you may want to stick to your wander/support combos, but I hope that the other 98% of the path of exile currency community can take something away from this as well. All of my play up to level 97 was done solo, but not with a SSF (only because I get lonely in some situations and getting items is beneficial). Players with more experience can skip straight to the Skill Setups and Gearing, Itemization, and Enchantments sections, while those with less experience should take the time to read through the entire issue. Every guide has been written in the most detailed and beginner-friendly manner possible, and I'm proud of myself for achieving this. Even if the answer to your question is not in this section, you can always ask me or send me a private message if you have a specific question.

Changes in PoE 3.3 include the following:

Although Vaal Blight appears to be a reasonably attractive gem, the new Vaal skill mechanics place both the Vaal and standard skills on the same gem, making it a less attractive gem. In order to accommodate Allelopathy, we usually do not socket a Blight gem, which necessitates the creation of an additional flowering area. It is likely that some testing will be required. However, it appears to be inefficient to create a space for this purpose as well.
None of our Exceptional items, whether they are mandatory or not, have been altered in any way. Both the Pale Council and Shaper/Elder mechanics are virtually unchanged from previous leagues, resulting in Breath in the Council and IM presence that is nearly identical to previous leagues.
Vaal Soul generation has been altered, which is unfortunate for us because it is a key component of the game. Vaal Grace indistinct now requires approximately twice as many souls as it did previously, and it has a cooldown after use during which we are unable to create additional souls. This is somewhat mitigated by the fact that we are now able to generate souls from Rare and Distinctive enemies when they are attacked by us. It is significantly more difficult to obtain a strongbox or an Exclusive enemy when Vaal Grace is not available, but we cannot use it on a regular basis in hazardous maps.

One of the first ascensions is to weave the arcane.

My personal preference for the first point is that it prevents us from running out of mana during the acts while also allowing us to spam a movement skill to move around more quickly. It is not possible for us to take advantage of the 6% damage reduction. Although the node is only active for 4 seconds after spending 200 Mana, the node more than pays for itself in terms of utility and overall quality of life.
The Patient Reaper (Part 3)
This is arguably the most important ascendancy point because it provides us with a massive amount of life and mana sustain, as well as buffing our blight and Death's Oath damage over the course of time. The increased life regeneration also allows us to endure the Death's Oath damage over a longer period of time in a more comfortable manner. The level requirement of 69 means we can save this ascendancy for the merciless labyrinth if we prefer swift killer's damage over the damage from the merciless labyrinth.
Swift Killer is the second of three characters.
A significant amount of damage and movement speed for when we are able to clear at a fast enough pace to keep our charges charged. Because of the lack of additional stats or utility, this node is skippable for cautions (or hardcore) players, but it is still useful to have.

Bandits: We eliminate all bandits in order to gain additional skill points.
% Increased Physical Damage and % Increased Critical Strike Multiplier are both squandered stats for Oak and Alira, and Kraityn is simply a weak character.

We capture both Arachnoxia and Armala, The Widow from the Soul of Arakaali pantheon, which is our major pantheon.
When combined with life and mana regeneration (both of which contribute to our life pool), we have an excellent multiplier for our life and mana regeneration, as well as mitigation against damage over time and chaos damage. They both reduce the self-inflicted damage of Death's Oath and are generally useful in dealing with sources of chaos damage (which still hurts, by the way).
We don't require any of the buffs from minor gods to function, so there isn't a definitively correct one, but I prefer Soul of Shakari because of the additional damage over time resistance. In a pinch, Soul of Gruthkul can also make us tankier, which is especially useful for players who prefer slower, more bulky playstyles. The other pantheons don't provide much assistance to us.

Tabula Rasa is your best friend when it comes to leveling up.
Anyone who has played rerolling and leveling new characters before shouldn't be surprised by this change. When it comes to leveling, I prefer Blade Vortex with Added Chaos Damage, but the acts prepare us well to use Essence Drain and Contagion as well. We can also poison act bosses for a clean and comfortable kill if we choose to. The presence of rare items with life will suffice in the absence of leveling uniques.

Make a point of spending a few levels in the Blood Aqueducts (Act 9) to replenish your life regeneration and ensure that Death Aura's self-damage continues to be sustained. The +30 Strength nodes are perfectly acceptable to use until you reach higher levels, at which point you can equip attributes to your rings.

3. Build an Essence Drain and Blight MoM Trickster.

We usually use the Essence Drain play style in conjunction with Contagion, and just after 3.0, we started including things like Blight at the same time as well. Essence Drain is a projectile spell that deals substantial damage to the target while also having a time effect on it cheap poe currency. Contagion is an area-of-effect spell that deals weaker damage to targets over time as a result of the spell's duration. When a target impacted by Contagion dies, the Essence Drain and Contagion DoT effects that were applied to that target are applied to enemies in the vicinity of that target. You would then ask for Contagion and then fire an Essence Drain into the enemies to accomplish this. When the first enemy is defeated, Essence Drain is spread to all nearby enemies, and your mission is completed. The Allelopathy gloves were introduced in version 3.3, providing us with a durable 5L Blight for our glove slot at the same time as well. This provides ED with a single point of attack that allows it to deal with even the most difficult of content more effectively. ED is still an excellent all-around build that can handle any type of content with ease if it is played with care and precision.

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