Chains Of Domination Update will Come on June 29th in WoW

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WoW: Shadowlands’ Chains Of Domination update will launch on June 29th, based on an undisclosed trailer on World of Warcraft’s official YouTube channel.

The update started immediately after the Nathria raid on the castle, as Sir Denathius was defeated. You will now sneak into the jailer's realm to stop his evil plan to destroy all lives. Players will be sent to the deeper part of The Maw to explore the secret city of Korthia. When you fight to repel the jailer’s army in the Shadow Realm, the new area will be filled with many new tasks and activities.

Chains of Domination introduces a new campaign that will involve four star alliances jointly launching a large-scale attack on the jailer. The covenant of the shadow world is now ready to unite and launch a powerful counterattack, because their power has been restored.

The Sanctum of Domination is a brand new 10-boss team instance brought by this update. It will allow players to go deeper into Togast, where they will eventually face off Shivaranas again in one of the most anticipated boss battles in years. A huge dungeon called Tazavesh, a mythical giant dungeon called Tazavesh, is also introduced, the Veil Market. Tazavesh takes place at the broker’s bazaar and revolves around the robbery of one of Azeroth’s most valuable artifacts.

Due to the Burning Crusade classic update of World of Warcraft Classic, the Domination Chain update may take a while. World of Warcraft game director Ion Hazzikostas mentioned in an interview that the company does not want players to choose between playing two battles. "Although we want to avoid too many collisions between the two, we also understand that many players only play classics, and many players only play Shadow Nation. We don’t want to punish one group to avoid conflicts with each other while still Try to make sure that every game has its own time and space to breathe," he said.

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