Check out 7 new management trends for the real estate market


The world keeps changing. Therefore, the entrepreneur needs to be attentive so that his company is aligned with the sector's needs. Management for the real estate market is one of the examples of the economic segment that is benefiting from the advances.


While entrepreneurs believe that modernizing their businesses is a long-term task, recent digital advances show that businesses need to be receptive to updates.

On the other hand, the economic crisis has shown that managers must be prepared to resist in more adverse periods. Therefore, this article will list some management trends for the real estate market that you should be aware of. Come on?

  1. Mapping of internal processes

If you are not yet closely monitoring the performance of your work processes, be careful. It is not uncommon for companies to lose money on obsolete processes and to waste the labor of their employees. In some cases, even entire markets share outdated practices.

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In the case of the real estate market, it is relevant to focus on the process of hiring brokers, customer service, lead generation and sales operations. Therefore, it becomes essential to automate these tasks through the use of software developed for companies.

You may be able to track these results using spreadsheets. The problem is that the time this manual work demands is long. On the other hand, when you have access to reliable information in real time, the entrepreneur is able to make more productive decisions.

  1. Performance of mobile sites

Internet access via cell phones has been a reality for a long time. However, many real estate companies still do their digital communication thinking only on desktops. This strategy needs to be rethought. The use of responsive sites should not be questioned, as this is a requirement of the market.

However, another point should draw the attention of companies: the performance of the website. Google has already signaled that page load times will be one of the new criteria it will take into account when displaying addresses among its search results. Therefore, very heavy sites may be penalized. This puts at risk the sales of real estate agents that bet on SEO strategies as a means of increasing their profits.

It is worth mentioning that the data packages of the mobile phone operators are usually limited and, therefore, the Internet user tends to abandon heavy websites, as they consume a lot of internet. This is an additional reason for you to pay careful attention to the mobile format of your website.

  1. Use of Artificial Intelligence as labor

The use of Artificial Intelligence is no longer a plan for the future. Companies are already using technology to improve customer service . The most common example are robots on messaging platforms, such as Messenger.

When they are programmed, these systems are able to serve the reader, answering the most common questions and directing the customer to other forms of service, when necessary.

This is an evolution of IVRs - which are still used in telemarketing. IVRs inform the customer about technical failures and advise on the service options available, all through a recording that replaces a human attendant.

It is important to emphasize that the entrepreneur must be sure that his target audience has mastered digital tools before implementing the project. If your client is more analog and is unable to obtain adequate service, the image of your real estate agent may be compromised.

  1. Improving leadership

For some time now, the figure of the manager has ceased to be that of the evil boss, who is feared by everyone. In management for the real estate market, it is ideal for the entrepreneur to become a leader, earning the respect of his employees, and not the fear of his subordinates.

For this reason, entrepreneurs must work on the ability to communicate clearly and conduct company actions so that the team feels motivated and is able to generate satisfactory results. In this way, they reinforce their leadership.

Another important point is that the leader is the daily example of real estate values. This type of attitude builds a more productive and coherent work environment.

  1. Care when expanding the operation

The Brazilian economy is showing signs of a slight recovery , but it is not yet time to make large investments. The ideal is for real estate agents to reevaluate their finances, focusing on cutting expenses.

This means that expanding the operation to other places should only be considered based on detailed studies. This measure will guarantee the solidity of the investee.

  1. Scanning documents and using the cloud

Cloud computing and cloud computing are concepts that present data storage as a service, not as a product. For example, instead of the user buying an external hard drive to save his files, he hires an online storage service.

Many real estate agents have started a process of digitizing their information  and these tools greatly optimize this process. The initiative aims to protect this data, after all, they will be saved in a computerized system. In addition, this type of storage will allow professionals to access this information through the internet, bringing agility to everyone's work.

Technology companies already offer cloud-based services to corporate clients - management for the real estate market can benefit from this measure.

  1. Use of real estate portals to improve sales

The sales process has always benefited from real estate portals. This is because the search for properties on the internet optimizes the time of those who are looking for a new home, and offers a wide variety of options.

An example of this type of platform is Moving Imóveis . The website has a range of options that help the real estate investor to find what they want. The portal also saves time those who are thinking of renting a house or one apartment .

After visiting Moving Imóveis, the customer will have enough information to decide on the purchase. Therefore, it is important that your company is part of the database of that system.

As we saw in this text, your real estate company can already benefit from a series of technological initiatives that will improve the management of your business. The technology improves processes, increases the rate of profit and reduces operating errors.

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