Do you know what the costs of a home are? Look here!


Maintaining a residence is not an easy task, there are several expenses that must be made, apart from those unexpected expenses that can arise at any time and ruin your budget. After all, do you know what the costs of a home are?


Well, if you made it this far, we can assume that you are not and that you are thinking of buying your own home, but you still have no idea how much you will have to spend to keep it for the month.

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Don't worry, we are here to answer all your questions through this incredible post. Separate pencils and paper, let's go to the accounts to find out what the main costs of a house are. Take note!

What are the advantages of owning a home?

First we have to congratulate you on your decision to try to find a place just for you. Buying or renting, the ideal is to be in a place that we can call our own.

Your home can provide you with much more independence and privacy, unlike when you share a residence with more people, right?

Another advantage of moving to a place of your own is that you can arrange everything your way, that is, finally, freedom. However, it is necessary to be attentive, because maintaining a home is something that demands a series of costs.


What are the costs of a house?

Buying a house or renting is the first step in moving to a place of your own. However, it is necessary to take into account all the expenses necessary to maintain a residence. We will list and demonstrate how some of the main ones are presented.

Rent / Installment

Unfortunately, not everyone can buy a  property  in cash and with that you have to resort to the options available, such as renting or financing your home. Regardless of which of the alternatives you choose, you need to be aware of this monthly expense.

In the case of a rental, it can be made through a contract with the property owner, with payment made in cash, directly to that person or by bank transfer. In both cases it is necessary to ask for a proof note.

You can still rent from a  real estate agency . In this case, payment is usually made by means of payment slips issued by the company, and the receipt itself serves as proof.

For purchase situations, where a financing was made, the installments are, as a rule, discounted directly from the bank account. That way, just keep the money on balance for the discount to be realized.


Even in a newly built residence, misfortunes can occur at any time and some maintenance costs will have to be incurred. When the property is purchased, you may want to make some changes and this also counts as maintenance.

When it comes to  reform , even in a minimal project, you must carry out a control of expenses and some budgets. This is because, in works, the budgeted amounts are unlikely to be correct and you will always have to spend more.

Ideally, you should set up a reserve fund in order to carry out the maintenance, small or large, that a residence may require, avoiding surprises.


If you choose an apartment, or even some houses, you will be part of a condominium and will have to contribute financially to the maintenance of the common space.

The value of the condominium is used, among other things, for the payment of cleaning, surveillance, gardening and general maintenance services for common areas.

In most condominiums, the owner of the property receives by mail, or personally, a payment slip, payable at any bank branch, together with an accounting control of the local expenses.


Another point to be aware of when purchasing a property is the property taxes that you must dispose of to the tax authorities. Be aware, in some rental contracts  , the taxes are also due to the tenant.

When we talk about property, the main tax is the IPTU - Property and Urban Territorial Tax - which is levied on all  properties , taking into account location and size, and its payment is due to the municipal tax authorities.

Each municipality maintains a form of collection, in general, you can make a single payment at the beginning of each year with a discount or pay the full amount in a certain number of installments.

Another tax that is becoming common in large and medium-sized cities is the garbage fee, it is also charged taking into account the location and size of the property and payment is made through a monthly booklet.

Light, water, gas and internet

When moving to your new home you need to be aware of the fixed monthly expenses, as they are the main costs of maintaining a home.

Among the main accounts are electricity, gas and water. Of course, the internet is very important for many people, but it is still possible to live without being connected, isn't it?

You will only know the amounts of these expenses in practice, after the passage of the first months, but you must pay attention so that they do not end up blowing your budget.


Many people today have a very busy routine and therefore choose not to have any of their daily meals at home, however, on weekends you may need something and find the refrigerator empty.

Supermarket spending can be very large if you don't know how to control yourself. You need to focus on the first few months to see what you actually consume and not end up getting lost when shopping.


Is it worth it?

With the number of costs described in this post that exist to maintain a house, you may have been frightened and are wondering if looking for a corner for you is really a good idea.

Don't worry, maintaining a house is an art, but if you are well prepared, you will take the letter, after all there is no price to lie on the sofa of our house on a Sunday afternoon with a good book or a TV series, it is not even?

By the end of reading this post we hope that you have understood what the main costs of a home are and how you should prepare to cover all your future expenses.

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