My WILD adventure in becoming a MicroPreneur while restoring humanity

Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution powered by Main Street NOT Wall Street, where we restore the power to We the People.

In our post-pandemic world, I feel many of us are starving for the humanity of things; organic health products for our loved ones, and fair and safe business and trade for all of us.  

The marriage of Crowdpoint Technologies and the Advanced Medicine Exchange levels the playing field for us in this age of Big Tech and the human identity slave trade.  They allow us to take back two of the most precious assets that we have lost in a greedy world. Our human identity and our health and wellness.

You can take a look here (link)

Crowdpoint takes all of our exchanges and transactions, and on their proprietary blockchain environment locks them up and gives them back to us, while the Advanced Medicine Exchange allows us to sell health and wellness products created with less harmful, and more effective and natural ingredients for you and your loved ones. 

As a MicroPreneur with both of these, I have found a small independent business I can have, while giving back to you and all of us in this new 4th Industrial Revolution that creates a win-win for us all. 

Welcome to the power of the crowd! (link)


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