NBA 2K MyTeam ushered in invincible suit cards and best badges

The new NBA 2K MyTeam gift pack has entered the game. The gift pack contains new star player cards. Some of these player cards are invincible cards.

The new NBA 2K MyTeam gift pack has entered the game. The gift pack contains new star player cards. Some of these player cards are invincible cards. Players can obtain them by their own means. If you feel that the player's attributes are not enough, It's great, and you can use some excellent badges to improve it.

Invincible cards provided by Splash Packs
There are 12 new cards in Splash Packs and 96 cards with the lowest score. They include sharpshooter JJ Redick, as well as young stars Matisse Thybulle and Marvin Bagley III. However, the top prizes in these new packages and boxes are the Invincible cards from Kareem, Shaq, Giannis, and D-Rose.

Shaq is not well-known for his outside shooting, but with this new card, his outside score is 97, including 98 mid-range or three-pointers. Other attributes include defense, rebounding, athletic ability, and 99 points for inside scoring, and he also brings a lot of Hall of Fame badges.

Each of the four players with the new Invincible card already owns 99 sets of work clothes, but these will still provide some nice upgrades. Another 99 OVR for Giannis is his disadvantageous position card. With his new invincible card, most of his top attributes have been improved, including his defense and interior scoring increased by 6 points.

Derrick Rose had a Retro 2K Vol before. The OVR of 3 cards is 99, and Kareem has a Radioactive card. Kareem's previous 99 OVR card had an outside score of 79, and his new project scored 98 on this attribute.

By collecting all 12 new cards provided by Splash Zone Packs, gamers can get a collection reward, which is an Invincible Bol Bol card for MyTeam. The gift pack is currently priced at 15,000 2KMT NBA, or a five-card gift pack of 17,250 MT, with a "guaranteed" splash zone or invincible card. Through the NBA 2K locker code published in NBA2K21MT.COM, there is also a chance to get one of these packages for free.

Badges that perform well in NBA 2K
Difficult shots
Difficult shooting is a shooting badge that can improve the efficiency of certain shooting attempts. This badge will be activated when trying to jump, spin, retreat, and pull-ups. While others on the team usually have the opportunity to get open positions for their offensive opportunities, point guards usually need to create their own space for "good shots." Dribble shots are usually accompanied by significant shooting penalties, and this badge can significantly reduce such penalties.

It can improve the player's ability to resist steal attempts from opposing defenders. This badge activates whenever the player handles the ball, and the opponent tries to steal the ball from them. The point guard is usually the best point player on the team, which makes double-teaming or other attempts to take basketball from them a common goal for defense. The gold medal or Hall of Fame version of the badge will allow players to dribble the ball on the defensive end while keeping their eyes open, looking for passing opportunities.

Space Creator
It allows more effective dribbling movements and creates space for defenders. This badge will be activated during actions such as retreat, momentum hesitation, and "curry slip." Although many badges affect the efficiency of dribbling, Space Creator may be the most important point guard. When shooting, every inch of space is important. Players can use Space Creator to have an unstoppable 3-pointer like James Harden.

Handles For Days
It can reduce endurance consumption during continuous dribbling movements. This badge will activate whenever the ball holder tries to combine multiple dribbles in a short period of time. Players who dribble for too long in a game will feel tired, which will slow down and inefficient everything they do. This badge basically allows longer, faster, and clearer dribbling combinations from point guards. For those who like to dribble, this is a badge that must be prepared.