Is homework help necessary for children?

Is it really necessary for children to do home tasks? That’s a common question that teachers have to deal with when confronting a child’s guardian. It is also a debate among parents for some reason or other. Research both supports and opposes the need for homework among students, making the debate several inches higher. Even educators feel the heat to give a concrete answer to this question. Nowadays, students have become smart enough to deal with multiple homework.

They resort to homework help experts with the hope for impeccable services well before the last submission date.

Homework shouldn’t be assigned just for the sake of it

The purpose of giving homework to students is to assess their knowledge base. If this objective isn’t covered, what’s the use of giving home tasks? In the words of essay help professionals, homework needs to serve at least one of three purposes: practice, preparation, or extension. Let’s have a look at what it signifies:

  • The child should acquire a new skill and practice it rigorously to master the same.
  • Gearing up for an upcoming lesson or researching a subject that is soon to be covered in the class.
  • The student needs to do parallel work beyond the classroom covered topic by preparing a report or crafting a science fair project.

If the homework doesn't serve any of the above-mentioned purposes, parents should have a word with the teachers regarding the assignments issued. Homework also increases the work of teachers as they have to check the copies within a time frame.

How long should homework take?

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If the homework is lengthy, naturally, it will take a long time to finish. However, if it doesn't require much brainstorming on the students' part, it can be finished within one or two hours. A research study highlights the fact that small students spend only 10 minutes per grade level on home tasks each night. Also referred to as the 10-minute rule, it means a first-grader will take only 10 minutes to complete his/her project while a fifth-grader requires 50 minutes to do the same.

Despite this study, there is no hard and fast about homework, and whether it should be assigned to learners or not. A child who prefers science will take less time to complete an assignment of the same genre and vice-versa. Some may not be attentive in the class as they need to be while making the homework increasingly difficult for them. Whatever it is, an interplay of various factors affects the length and complexity of the task.

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