Animal Crossing hackers are selling the impossible “star-shaped fragment tree”

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A fresh feeling is sweeping Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans, but unless you know the right person, you cannot take part. Technically, it cannot be done in the normal way.

The New Horizons modification scene has been active for a while, and it allows fans who were invaded by the Switch to do various things, such as being able to eat tarantulas. Recently, hackers have begun to modify trees to make them look like they are sprouting fruits and produce star fragments. However, unlike fruit trees, these sparkling green plants are purely decorative-they are more like money trees, and once they are shaken, they will not grow back into fragments, according to those who own them. In fact, players do not have to use this method to make your home look good. You can also get Animal Crossing Bells at IGGM to buy the items you want.

Currently, Star Shard has become the most popular type of chopped trees on social media because of its gorgeous aesthetic effects. The most common way to quote these trees is the black market dissonance. There are many freebies on social media, and people promise to others who share with them and follow their accounts, but these are also likely scams.

Prices also vary by source. For example, Twitter user @peachyisIe said on Twitter they have seen trees selling 200-400 miles of Nook Miles tickets and more. However, some people seem to be taking advantage of this situation and selling trees at real-world prices, each of which sells for at least one dollar or more.

With increasing popularity, there are many misleading messages around these hacked items. For example, people worry that they may have destroyed your game but there is no actual evidence that this has happened to anyone who owns them. However, since it is practically impossible to get these trees in the base game, it is impossible to judge whether Nintendo will not reset them in future patches, or even take action against those who own them. Of course, people who buy trees know this. In this case, players can purchase more Animal Crossing Bells and Nook miles Tickets at IGGM. To avoid violations of the game rules, we can also consider it can also being able to better enjoy the fun brought by the game.At

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