What is Router and how does it work?

Then the Router receives the packet data, and after analyzing whatever hidden information is in the data packet, forwards it to the Destination Device. T

You can think of a router as a small electronic device that connects or connects several computer networks together through a wired or wireless connection. Understand that Router connects a computer network to another computer network or connects a computer network to the Internet.

Do you know what is a router (What is Router in Hindi) and how does this networking device work? If you have any other questions along with these questions in your mind, then I am going to answer them in today's article.

You must have heard the name of Router because it is used for Internet nowadays. Whenever you access the Internet except the mobile network. Then you understand that you are accessing the Internet from a Wireless Networking Device.

Still don't believe my words. You once ask anyone, brother, do you use any device for WiFi. His answer will definitely be related to today's article. The question also comes, what is the work of this device. you can get free credit card from MyPremiercreditcard

Think you are a post man and your job is to deliver letters to different houses everyday. But you can send the letter only when you have their address and with this you will also know the way to go to the house of the letter.

What is a router?

Then the Router receives the packet data, and after analyzing whatever hidden information is in the data packet, forwards it to the Destination Device. This networking device is used to connect different networks in aapsa wire or wirelessly.

As you would know CompuInternetwork follows the OSI Model. Router works on the Network Layer out of the 7 Layers of the OSI Model. I told you this device is made of hardware and software.

It has an Internet work Operating System, CPU, Memory Storage and some I/O Ports as you must have seen. This operating system is not like Windows or MAC. Routing Algorithm and Routing Table are stored in Storage Memory.

Through Routing Algorithm and Routing Table, it is known that the Input Packet Receive has been done. To which network or which device has to send that packet. Which is called Analyze. You will understand better from Ex, friend. 

EX – Like the courier boy, is a Router. The courier boy receives the parcel from the courier office. After this, the address of the Parcel in whose name it has come is placed on the top of the Parcel. After seeing the courier boy address, he decides in which location and where to give Parcel.

Only after this he sends Parcel to the address of the receiver. (This process is applicable on all parcels. The list of addresses is kept with the courier boy). Now let us understand this example through router.

How router works

As you know, Router works to forward packets from one network to another. It can also be said that it sends packets from Source to Destination Address. Its main job is to receive the packet and deliver it to the receiver. best music systems for home in India

You sent a Facebook message from your computer to your friend who is currently in Delhi. First the message gets converted into a packet and reaches the nearby router. Now the Router checks the Routing Table with the Routing Protocol.

All the nearby routers in the routing table have their address and path distance. Then after this the packet is forwarded to the nearest router, in which the IP address of the receiver remains.

As soon as the packet reaches the next router, it also checks the shortest path again and is sent to the next router. In this way the packet reaches near the receiver computer.

A Router also connects many networks and also maintains its Routing table. maintain means keeps updating. Each router keeps information about the router around him. How to craft in Minecraft

Routing Protocol resides in all the routers, with the help of which they communicate with each other. And along with this share the information of their connected networks among themselves, update the routing table. This is how this networking device works.

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