Improvements To Champions Guild

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The Turks will run off and your side will start cheering jummping down and up. Should you win you will see a short cut-scene of the whole battle with OSRS Items all the dead, the witches kill all the wounded during their retreat, and weaponry on the floor.

Subsequently the view will swivel to the 500 Misthalin soldiers coming to assist all marching in rows. Cut-scene will finish with the individuals who fought hugging another saying we survived. If you win you'll be awarded 5 bible pages. The rewards and the number of bible pages are needed are posted under.

Improvements To Champions Guild. Most of us need fixers into the winners guild. It needs a bit of a spruce up. Well basiclly I will start in the area out.

Ok, recall Land of the Goblins, and also how Zanik is immobilized, and the way you went a whole Dorgeshuun quest without visiting a specific loser who claims to be yet wears pink all the time? I came up with this for 2 reasons: 1 I enjoy writing plot notions 2 my idea for a sequel to While Guthix Sleeps would require this original as my thought for the second grandmaster pursuit involves Zanik getting stabbed in the torso by a dragonkin, so yeah.

Quests: My Arm's Big Adventure, Land of the Goblins, started Fairy Tale Part II (I believe you can imagine what for), Watchtower, One Small Favour, In Help of the Myreque Skills: 47 farming, 38 Slayer (optional, but has an expansion of this pursuit with Buy RS 3 Gold great exp reward), 49 Hunter (again, optional, but watch slayer note), 24 Magic, 36 Summoning, 45 Herblore, 52 Smithing.

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