7 Features Buyers Look For In A Realtor

Purchasing a property is a serious matter for almost everyone. After all, the customer invests a large part of his resources in the purchase and, generally, this process involves an important decision in his life. For this reason, clients are looking for a broker that understands this re



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If you know what your customer needs, it's easier to tailor your services to win him over. And, more than that, acting in the right way, you gain loyal customers, who will refer you and contribute to the growth of your business.

Check out the following 7 characteristics that buyers look for in a broker and use this to your advantage!


The buyer is investing a large part of his resources in acquiring the property and, therefore, he needs someone who is honest with him. He expects you to honestly tell him if the purchase will be a good investment and how best to do it. If the customer notices that you are only interested in selling, hiding relevant information, he will hardly close a deal, even if he is interested in the property. So be confident and genuinely interested in helping your customer. He needs to feel safe to share his concerns and needs.

Knowledge of the market and the property

Client safety in a real estate transaction depends on the broker demonstrating in-depth knowledge of the market and the property. Anticipate the questions your customers might ask both in bureaucratic terms and in terms of housing. Remember that, in addition to information about the property itself, the client wants to know details about the neighborhood, the services that the neighborhood offers and the differentials in terms of safety and location. So, before finding your customer, do some research to get the most complete information possible.


Whenever you commit to your customer, stick to the agreement. Be responsible with your word so that the buyer has no reason to distrust your word. So if you say you'll call at that time, or that you'll return with certain information, don't fail. The customer will not make such an important transaction with someone he cannot trust.

Know hear

The client wants a broker who listens rather than one who speaks. You can't know what the person is looking for if you don't let him expose it. So don't try to guess what your customer is thinking, but ask key questions to understand their needs and listen to the answers carefully. The buyer wants a realtor who will listen and, through that, be able to show properties that really meet their expectations.


The customer in general has many doubts and insecurities when purchasing a property. That's why he wants a stockbroker who will help him promptly, who will show him that he is one of his priorities, and who will answer all his questions. You can, in addition to the phone, provide an email for contact or even chats on social networks. Never take a long time to return a contact, you will create a relationship with the buyer and this is essential for him to feel secure.


Your credibility with the buyer depends on good organization. As the broker deals with a lot of information on a daily basis, you run the risk of forgetting meetings, confusing clients and documents if you are not very organized. And such an attitude will certainly make the buyer consider you an incompetent professional. So find an effective way to organize yourself and show your customer your professionalism.

Good references

To close a deal as important as the purchase of a property, the client wants to make sure that you have already sold other properties and that buyers are satisfied with the service. For this reason, having good references in the market is essential. You can, for example, open a space on your website for customers to leave testimonials, thus positively promoting your work.

Do you already have these features? If something is still missing, invest to be a broker with all the qualities buyers are looking for. This way you will stand out in the market and guarantee more sales!



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