Some reminders about attributes in Path Of Exile

As a very popular action role-playing game, Path Of Exile has gained many fans on steam.

As a very popular action role-playing game, Path Of Exile has gained many fans on steam. Players widely praised it for its exquisite graphics and smooth skills. It has attracted some new players, and many new players are also eager to try this. But shaping a new character that suits you require a lot of time and energy to hone, which may be tricky for new players. Here are some introductions to character attributes for beginners, aiming to help new POE Currency have a preliminary understanding of character attributes.

Path Of Exile still maintains the principle of simplicity in terms of main attributes. Many RPGers with this type of game experience can easily figure out these basic knowledge: strength increases your health and damage, intelligence increases your mana pool, and dexterity is a measure of your agility. These descriptions are close, but to be more precise, every 10 points in the attribute will provide the following rewards: Strength (red)-an additional 5 maximum health points and a 2% increase in physical damage. Intelligence (blue)-additional 5 points of maximum mana and 2% energy shield. Dexterity (green)-accuracy (melee and ranged) increases by 20 additional points, and your dodge rating increases by 2%.

The red sphere represents life. It is the amount of damage you can take before you die. Some equipment can increase your armor value and reduce the damage you receive. If you want to get better equipment, you can also buy POE Currency. A high dodge rating will also help you avoid damage. The big blue sphere represents your mana. Mana can power all your combat skills, whether it’s melee, ranged or spells.

With the increase of the above attributes, improving your main attributes will allow you to use more powerful equipment. It also provided POE Currency for players in Path Of Exile. If you want to play, you can also choose to buy the equipment you POE Currency Buy. Whether it’s a new sword, armor, ring or gem, every item has a minimum equipment requirement. Speaking of this, you should also have a little understanding, try!