Prostitution Information Center in the Red Light District

Prostitution Information Center in the Red Light District

Prostitutie Informatie To inform people about prostitution, Mariska Majoor, an ex-prostitute, founded the Prostitution Information Center in 1994 . Mariska worked behind the windows and felt that something had to change in the Red Light District , where the PIC is located.

In 2007, the PIC showed off the statue of Belle in front of the Oude Kerk in the Red Light District on Ouderkerskplein. The plate on the image contains a very important message that we hope everyone will remain faithful to, and it is "Respect sex workers around the world".

In 2015, Mariska founded PROUD, the Dutch sex workers' union, and of course, she chaired the union. The union is located in the PIC and aims to defend the rights of all sex workers in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, after Mariska devoted nearly 23 years of her life to educating people about this prostitution and fighting for her rights, she was diagnosed with a terminal illness. In 2016, she ceased all activities related to both the PIC and the union.

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