How the Pandemic Changed Office Cleaning

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All eyes are on cleaning services and their work ever since the coronavirus pandemic. What began with added sanitizing and disinfecting has become new daily cleaning protocols. In early virus epicenters like New York City, the most effective NYC office cleaning companies are in demand like never before. They are being called upon to keep workplace interiors clean and healthy as people return to their desks after working from home for a year or more. It's about giving people peace of mind that their offices are cleaned daily to the highest standards. It takes a trained crew and the right products to do the job well.

The cleaning checklists developed by company facilities managers today are growing longer. Disinfecting is no longer confined to restrooms and now is in broader use throughout the office. The frequency of some periodic functions has been increased to daily, and employees are noticing more than ever. It means efficiency-boosting best practices like team cleaning (as opposed to zone cleaning) are in much wider use today as company's look for increases in their cleaning service while staying within their budgets. As everyone recovers from the economic impact of the pandemic, all eyes are on expenses.

It's been a revelation that the sanitizing products once used primarily for medical and food service cleaning now are in broader use all around the office. Their antimicrobial capabilities make surfaces free from viruses and bacteria of many kinds. Their formulas kill germs on contact and help keep surfaces more sanitary for all who come into contact with them. While some of the enhanced cleaning protocols result from guidelines or requirements, many others are implemented as common-sense safeguards to keep people healthy and comfortable. HVAC filters can also be upgraded and changed more often.

Companies relying on in-house cleaning crews often found them overwhelmed at the height of the pandemic and brought in outside janitorial services to help. It ushered in a hybrid model that continues in wide use today. It's common for in-house crews to handle high-traffic areas and daily touch-ups while the professional janitors do the more major cleaning after hours. Everyone wants to arrive in the morning to find a spotless office that looks, feels and smells clean. It has a morale-boosting effect for employees and makes an excellent impression on clients. People want to be inside cleaner offices.