What Does A Tax Accountant Really Do?

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Tax accountants apply their knowledge and expertise of tax rules and regulations and guide their clients or employers in paying taxes most effectively and advantageously while always adhering to government regulations and procedures. Tax Accountants are classified into two types - Corporate Personal.  Corporate Tax Accountants work for businesses, either as part of an Accounting Firm or as part of the Accounting department. Personal Tax Accountants, on the other hand, work for individual clients, usually through an accounting firm, and provide tax advice and support.

Primary Responsibilities

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of essential responsibilities Tax Accountants are required to complete.

Collect taxation information on clients or companies:

  • Reviewing financial books and balances
  • Analyzing financial records, systems, and budgets
  • Carrying out audits and client interviews to obtain additional data

Analyzing gathered data to identify possible tax deductions or exemptions:

  • Calculating tax obligations
  • designing strategies to minimize liabilities

Meeting with clients and supervisors:

  • Explaining tax laws and regulations using non-technical language
  • proposing ways to reduce payments

Developing strategies to reduce tax payments:

  • Finding deductibles
  • Understanding tax laws and clauses to find exemptions

Submitting tax reports on time:

  • Completing and filing tax return forms before deadlines
  • Reviewing past tax returns and reports to detect possible errors and correcting them

Meeting with taxation authorities on behalf of clients or employers:

  • Negotiating tax payment issues with the corresponding authorities
  • Going over discrepancies (e.g., income and expenses figures not matching or balancing as they should)
  • Finding possible solutions for problems or discrepancies

Meeting with company superiors to go over tax plans:

  • Explaining tax-reducing strategies
  • Explaining new and updated laws and regulations regarding taxation
  • Making recommendations regarding tax impact on the company

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