Then, insert Thwait's lock key to open the safe

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Enter the door, and then look inside the chest belonging to the Pheonix Gang. Or, if you're an active Pheonix Gang member, the Black Arm Cabinet. It is locked, so picklock it, and you'll receive Thwait's Key. You will need the key to RS gold gain access to the Rogues Den in Burthrope. Master Thwait will stop you by using it in conjunction with the gate. What are you doing? I'm going -- Crack the safe I don't care. If you're a theif you'll likely end up-Thwait turns around and appears to be ignoring you.

Then, insert Thwait's lock key to open the safe, and it will out. Surprise! Surprise! He is equipped with Dragon Claws and can use his special whenever he has below 10 percent HP. The Max is 15 and when he uses his special, he'll only hit a maximum of 5,6 or 8, 7. You'll need a decent meal in case he hits the number. Martin Thwait is waiting for you in case you kill him. Ah, you have beat my little surprise! This is not over, I have positive news!

Martin Thwait will disappear in the form of a puff of smoke. Unfortunately, he'll leave behind a clue scroll. It will say"There are two Kings, each with a different origin one being jealous, the other awe-inspiring. Look towards the rising tide of two people joined and they will take you to the spot of which I speak. This should be obvious. Freminnik Isle however, what is it? Visit Mord Gunnar, and charter ferry service to Jatizo. There will be a stranger on cheap OSRS gold the dock and you will view a short scene.

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