What kind of network is a computer network?

Computer networks are the basis of communication in IT. They are used in a huge variety of ways and can include many different types of network. A computer network is a set of computers that are connected together so that they can share information.

what is computer network is a system in which multiple computers are connected to each other to share information and resources.
A network card is a computer requirement other than a computer that cannot be connected to a network. Also known as a network adapter or Network Interface Card (NIC). Most computers have names with a pre-installed network card. Network Cards are of two types: Internal and External Network Cards.

Internal Network Cards
The Motherboard has an internal network card slot where it will be installed. Internal network cards have two types where the first type uses a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) connection, and the second type uses Industry Standard Architecture (ISA). Network cables are required to provide network access.
A router is a type of device that acts as a point between computers and other devices that are part of a network. It has holes called ports. Computers and other devices are connected to a router using network cables. The now-a-days router comes wirelessly through computers that can be connected without a physical cable.
Computer Network Features
Share resources from one computer to another.

Create files and store them on one computer, accessing those files from other computers connected to the network.

Connect a printer, scanner, or fax machine to one computer within a network and allow other computers in the network to use network equipment.

The following is a list of hardware needed to set up a computer network.

Network Cables
Internal Network Cards
External network cards
Network Cables
Network cables are used to connect computers. The most widely used cable is the Category 5 cable RJ-45.

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