Digitalization has now become more important for businesses

This increased dependence of businesses on the managed services presents a window of opportunity for the managed services providers (MSPs) i.e., you. By focusing on trending technologies and including them in your portfolio, you can increase your revenues drastically.

Gartner identifies four digital business infrastructure operations (DBIO) service lines – Core operations, security operations, network operations, and edge operations.While MSPs managing their client’s Internal IT environment and managing their digital business might sound the same, it is not. The latter, i.e., the digital business management is based on outcomes and creates business value.As such, organizations are looking to transform into digital businesses with urgency and hence, they are demanding support from the MSPs.

The constantly evolving threat landscape and the rising number of security breaches are making IT security quite complex for organizations. Here, companies look towards managed services providers to guide and protect their companies’ data.However, to increase revenues, MSPs would need to sell beyond traditional security services – including basic antivirus, email security, or firewall. Largely, because these services are easier to manage as compared to robust and holistic cybersecurity solutions.

Today’s cyberthreat landscape is far more complex and sophisticated.Companies need robust defences and tools to reduce the risk of these calculated and targeted attacks. That could be managed detection and response (MDR) tools, endpoint detection response (EDR), incident response, endpoint management, vulnerability management and patching, etc.

There cannot be a better time to preach about the importance of business continuity and disaster recovery (DR) solutions than now, considering the state of the businesses who lacked a proper recovery plan during COVID.Backup and DR solutions are a must to ensure the continuity of a business in the face of a contingency.

Here, small, and medium sizes businesses would indulge in managed backup and DR solutions to protect their data. Managing backups internally is both complicated and time-consuming.As such, the demand for backup services is set to grow and MSPs with their expertise and resources are better positioned to help.MSPs need to include backup and disaster recovery solution in their portfolio to build a strong revenue stream.

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