Things to keep in mind while buying tyres

Goodyear, Bridgestone, or Pirelli? Wondering which tyre brand is the best. Honestly, it isn’t easy to stick to just one of them. But, their products are worth giving a shot.

The leading tyre companies in the world make the best-quality tyres. Ever wondered how? They know their customers. Being a driver, you would know the importance of comfort and durability delivered by tyres. Nobody wants to fit a tyre set that doesn’t have good longevity.

Car Tyres companies focus on enhancing the quality and durability of their products. With an increase in these aspects, the quality of performance delivered by a particular tyre automatically goes up. But how do you know whether a specific tyre is perfect for you? That’s tricky but will seem easy once you know about the factors to consider while purchasing a tyre. 

Things to keep in mind while buying tyres

Are you happy with your current tyre set? This is the question you need to ask yourself. There’s no point in taking the pain of searching for new car tyres when your current model performs well. But if its performance doesn’t satisfy you, it’s time for some research.

Before starting the research, you need to find out your requirements. Whether you want a summer, winter, or All-Season tyre, choosing Run Flat tyres online can also be helpful. But all of these decisions are to be made by you. 

It should be remembered that your new tyre's load capacity and speed rating should be similar to that of the original one. These factors primarily affect your vehicle’s performance and well-being. Choosing an unsuitable tyre will deplete the performance and life of the vehicle. 

The budget should be decided before heading out to the market. You should know how much money you can spare on a tyre set. This helps in narrowing down the options. In addition, you will only be viewing the tyres that fall within your budget, which is a huge advantage.

It’s best to decide if on-road tyres will serve the purpose of requiring the aid of All-terrain tyres. A regular driver using only the highways and tarmac roads can expect good performance from On-road tyres. But if you sometimes have to switch off-road, buying a set of All-terrain tyres would be better. These tyres will let you handle off-road conditions like rocks and mud while also delivering a smooth on-road performance. 

Tread patterns should also be chosen after thorough inspection and research. For this, you would need information on the kind of roads you usually use. You should also be familiar with the seasonal change and temperature variations in your area. Based on these stats, you will choose a suitable tread pattern out of the many available options. 

Next comes the brand you should buy. Each tyre company has its own specific set of technologies that are employed during the manufacturing process of their tyres. So you can go through the products of different brands and choose the one whose technology and product make you go wow. Also, make sure the tyre you are buying comes with attractive warranty schemes. Most reputed brands offer a great warranty on their products. 

How to enhance the tyre life?

Buying a high-quality and durable tyre set is not enough. To enjoy the company of your current tyre set, you should be consistent with the tyre service. Tyres, just like the vehicle, need your constant attention and time. Missing even a single service can lead to heavy damages. Here are a few points you need to keep in mind, so the tyres don’t retire quickly.


Easy with the brakes: When you apply the brakes, a lot of pressure is put on the tyres. You can press the brake pedal as much as you need but always do it smoothly. Abruptly and roughly applying the brakes reduces the life of tyres. So next time, remember to be careful with the brakes. 


Tyre inflation: Under and over-inflated tyres can be lethal. They put your safety at stake and also retire quickly. Proper tyre pressure should be maintained in tyres for smooth and comfortable drives. Over and under-inflated tyres will wear unevenly and prematurely. This means you will have to buy a new set way before the right time. You are advised to check the tyre pressure every week. 


Wheel Alignment: It refers to the angles at which the tyres are fitted to the vehicle. These angles are adjusted according to the suspension system. You may experience heavy vibrations when the wheel alignment of your car goes bad. The service should be done every one or two months. 


Wheel Rotation: To save the tyres from uneven tread wear, wheel rotation is done. Also known as tyre rotation, the process involved exchanging all the rear and front tyres positions so they wear evenly. Due to a difference in the car weight, tyres on the front and rear sides wear differently. This service is done, so all the tyres attain tread wear at a similar speed. 

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