This is a mini-game for runescape that allows you to transfer into another dimension

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Runescape's furnaces are a great way to obtain ore. You'll receive the Magic Bar (65 Smithing required). Take the gem and then cut it. (50 crafting required) and then string it using a Magic String RS 2007 Accounts. Once you've got this, you will be able to make a Magic Amulet. Use the ashes you got from killing any demon and put it on the gem. Once you have this, you'll be able to create a Demonic Amulet. It is wearable when you've reached 55 Magic. Speak to King Narode and go back to King Narode.

King Narode Shareen - Have been to Zooknock? Yes. And? He gave me all the tools needed to create this Demonic Amulet. Good, good. It's likely that you'll have to learn something about demons. Although Glough is a lying backstabbing liar, Glough is an expert in demons. It is a good idea to visit him. I know you'll be unable to convince Glough.

Go to Glough’s house. Hello, it's only YOU. Yes, it's just ME. Stop the snarking. You are here because you don't understand. Tell me more about demons. There's no way! Are you sure? You're not sure! It's okay. Talk to Glough once more, but be sure you have the Ring of Charos(a) with. Do you want to tell me more? Yes. Okay, what do you know about Demons and their realm? You will require the help of a Dark Wizard to use your dark magic powers. You can use these words.

Glough writes words on a piece Papyrus. Then he gives it back to you. Glough snaps. You must escape before he notices that you're there. When he is at 0, he will speak to you Buy RS 2007 Gold. Oh! What do you want? This is the thing I'm in need of your assistance with.

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