Think of an interview that William Bonner did live on Jornal Nacional, of course some of the questions came naturally in the middle of the conversation, but obviously he had a script to know the right time for each of the questions and where to take the conversation . 


The same should work for sales, for you, the salesperson, who really want to succeed . Because as much as it may be a surprise who the customer is who will knock on your door behind your product, you need to know what the starting point will be and how to lead that customer to answer yes. 


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Think of an interview that William Bonner did live on Jornal Nacional, of course some of the questions came naturally in the middle of the conversation, but obviously he had a script to know the right time for each of the questions and where to take the conversation . The same should work for sales, for you, the salesperson, who really want to succeed.

So, in today's post I'm going to teach you how to make a good sales script starting from scratch, without ever having done it before. To address this issue, we are going to work on the following topics:

  • Why is it important to have a sales script?
  • Do I need to follow this faithfully? Does it work for all types of sales?
  • 5 Steps to Making a Good Sales Script Starting From Scratch 


Almost 100% of the time, human beings have a mania for wanting to rely on their memory on important occasions, such as sales.

Of course, in theory you know that you need to first check the customer's pain, and only then show the product that best meets their needs, give more information and benefits about that choice, point out some social evidence and so on.

But when the customer is there in front of you, deciding on the product he wants to buy and saying: "Your competitor made a price 10% cheaper than yours", there are great chances of giving a blank and you completely forget about the route you should take with the PCI , simply because you are desperately wanting to close that sale .

And it's okay for you to forget, because there are many times when we go into automatic, but you can't accept this as something normal or commonplace in your life. And it is exactly for this type of situation that you need to know how to make a good sales script, in addition to having more security at the time of sale and you also know how to lead the customer to closing .


This question is quite simple to answer! Think about the GPS, how many times have you entered an address and it has given you a much longer journey than you could have done? But in this type of situation, if you already know the best way to your destination, you end up leaving the GPS aside and go by your intuition or knowledge, right?

Otherwise, if you've never walked through that region, it's much easier for you to follow the map step by step to find your way around. This is exactly the same reasoning you should have about your sales script. 

Because even if you are lucky that a customer arrives and already puts on the table all their pain and experiences with a product they previously bought and had no result, for example, you will still be able to use the sales script to help you understand where your customer is in sales and where you need to direct them. Understood?

I know at this point you may be wondering if this tool really works for your segment. But I guarantee you yes! Regardless of the product you sell, knowing how to make a good sales script will help a lot to achieve even greater results .


This is a guide for you to finally learn how to make a good sales script. If you've never done anything like this in your life, you might think it's bureaucratic or tiring. But, unlike what you might think, it's very simple and can be summarized in 5 steps, check it out.


I never tire of pointing out that the customer doesn't buy for the reasons you try to show them, but for reasons that meet their wants and needs . And you'll only find out what they are if you ask.

So, the first step to make your sales script is to design at least 5 reasons why people tend to buy from you, taking into account your PCI needs. Because if you know all these reasons, a customer's first contact will never be a surprise and you don't risk amateur mistakes.

To help you with this step, also watch the video below and learn how to win over your client through pain:


There are 3 types of customers who will possibly knock on your door, those who will be just taking a “look”. In this case, this person is experiencing mild back pain, but has not yet assumed that he or she needs a new bed.

The second type of customer is the desperate one. He knows already knows his own need and takes action on impulse in the search for something that solves their problems .

And the third is that famous conscious person, who knows what is going on and knows where he wants to go, that is, current state and desired state. This customer profile focuses on a particular product, already knows many of the benefits, but needs you to PROVE why he should buy from you and not the competition.

To help with this step, watch the video below and learn what to do when a customer says he's going to buy later:


Remember I told you to select 5 reasons or pains that lead people to buy from you? So, have a social proof that adds value to each one of them.

Therefore, regardless of the type of customer that knocks on your door, you must necessarily show how much your product has already delivered results to other people. Select all your success stories and choose the best ones to use in your sales script.

In this way, regardless of the way the customer will take the decision , whether desperate or conscious, by showing that other people have also chosen your product, it guarantees reliability.

Watch the video below and learn how to sell value:


In this step it is important that you recap all the previous ones. Come on! You asked your customer's needs, identified their type, the product they need, and showed social proof. Is he about to say YES to you?

Now make him remember all this and mentally confirm that your product or service has everything to be the best choice, for example: “So, Mr. Carlos, you have back pain, I have an orthopedic bed with 30% of discount and that has already solved the pain of at least 300 customers who were inconvenienced just like you. Is that okay for you?”. 

It's critical that this recap is in your sales script, as this way you not only put it to thinking, but it also helps you reach the conclusion quickly and easily.

To complement your knowledge of this step, watch the video below and learn how to make your customer buy more when he is indecisive:


Did you get the customer to agree that your product or service is the best choice? Take him to closing . If you give yourself too much space and wait too long to make that final call to action, it's very likely that you'll lose feeling and sometimes make this guy give up.

So, you felt that everything is under way, don't think twice: “Now that you've seen that our product will really transform you into a person who sleeps 7 hours a night like an angel and wakes up without pain, can I generate the purchase for you? How will be the payment?". 

Watch the video below and also learn about the 5 persuasion techniques to close sales.

This is a simple type of sales script, but it has everything you need to increase your conversions. Now that you know how to write a sales script, how about learning more about sales strategies? 

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