Michael Niren’s “Business Plan” To Steal Money Without Fulfilling Any Promises To His Clients

Michael Niren’s “Business Plan” To Steal Money Without Fulfilling Any Promises To His Clients

Before you retain Visaplace LLC, please note you will be given fake promises.

Yes, this will happen. Your application has no chance of success at Visaplace LLC. They will say "Yes, it can be done,” just to take your money. This happens at the intake level. The lower level employees, the underlings who are not lawyers or registered IRCC consultants, will feed you these lies. They are only salespeople who want to sell you a minimum $5,000-$10,000 application package so they can earn a commission. These people are incompetent professionals who are liars. Yes, they will lie to you, they will make false promises to take money from the innocent public.

Once you pay the retainer for legal work at Visaplace LLC, Michael H. Niren wants you to forget about this money. It is against their policy to give refunds. Once you are assigned to a representative, you will see them be changed out every other month. This practice is called "mishandling" of clients’ files.. I never understood over the years why this Ontario law firm Visaplace LLC aka known as Micheal H. Niren Associates has more turnover lawyers at it's firm than restaurant waitresses. I believe Niren’s best friend Mario D. Bellissimo agrees that this is how the file gets mishandled, but Micheal H. Niren does not believe this. He wants the file to get mishandled because once your file gets mishandled, your application will most likely be refused.

In the end, Niren gets to keep all your money. This is his plan to ruin and steal from innocent clients, particularly immigrants.


Sunocolp.ca raising awareness to immigrants and the public from these incompetent lawyers who exploit and traumatized immigrant families for their own financial gain. Canada immigration lawyer Michael H. Niren and his law firm Visaplace LLC is one of them who take advantage of people and play on their feelings. sunocolp


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