powerful IVR and messaging features amplify

powerful IVR and messaging features amplify and enhance the presence of human operators to unexpected levels, you do still need both inbound and outbound callers to be able to use the phone sometimes

Therefore, as well as installing a VoIP business phone system with industrial grade security features, it’s essential that all users receive regular awareness training in its safest use, and that this is underpinned by robust internal procedures.

Those international hacker networks don’t only employ some of the world’s most advanced information security people, they have a lot of less technically specialized people on the payroll as well, whose job it is to work on the human side. Trawling through publicly available information, and combining different snippets of data together, to create a matching set of credentials which unlocks access to precious private accounts.

Regular data protection training in-house should include:

Awareness of over-sharing in social media quizzes and similar: “your pet’s name followed by the name of the first street you ever lived in, is your gullible fool name!” Just don’t do it! All these kinds of questions are typically used to recover access to accounts in password resets, and should never be casually commented on in the public domain.

How to secure personal devices appropriately, if they are used for business communications. Ringover’s range of apps is great for enabling BYOD working and supporting users to collaborate from anywhere via their favorite tools, but with this versatility comes some user responsibility, in managing those endpoints securely.

Awareness of how to handle casual requests for information, about themselves, the business, or their customers. It is illegal to disclose personal information to a third party without a specific reason for doing so under relevant data protection law — so, no, you can’t confirm your boyfriend’s registered birthday so as to help someone plan a surprise treat.

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