Facility Management Professionals Have Their Duties Expanded

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Facilities or office management staff at both large and small businesses have seen their responsibilities grow enormously in the aftermath of the coronavirus outbreak. Needs expectations continue to rise in huge metropolises like New York, which were the hardest hit. For instance, office cleaning in NYC has been forever altered by the addition of disinfection protocols, and staff seating designs are now being scrutinized.

Due to high real estate costs in major cities, workers were seated in ever-closer proximity until the pandemic reversed the trend. Many offices are now being arranged in novel ways. Many requests and questions arise on short notice, and teams need to be ready to respond. Employees need answers for peace of mind.

In cases where companies are approving more workers to be remote permanently, some are reducing their office space or reconfiguring it. Under ordinary circumstances, office moves and renovations are planned in a mid long-term manner that allows for an orderly process toward completion. But the current moves are happening under different circumstances and create new time pressures and unexpected situations.

Today's facilities professionals are establishing new work plans and templates that allow for much quicker moves and consolidations with the same organization. As businesses consolidate to smaller office spaces and strive to minimize overcrowding, how space is used must be reconsidered. Long-term on-site storage, for instance, maybe relocated off-site to minimize the size of an office layout.

Several departments may have to share huge conference rooms rather than each having its own, which may be unused for extended periods of time. Such space reconsiderations are prevalent and ongoing in the post-pandemic commercial sector. The one essential thing that is certain is that excellent office cleaning will be required regardless of the interior arrangement.