Uncommon College Majors in Business

The business field offers a wealth of choices for students who are wish to go into business of any kind, whether in management, sales, or for nonprofits.

Business students have a broad range of options when it comes to college majors, some of which are more readily available at colleges and universities than others. While most business schools will offer programs in accounting, administration, management, marketing, and hospitality management, there are other college programs that are just as important in the business field, but are available at a select number of colleges and universities.

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According to the College Board, these programs are available at less than 100 colleges and universities throughout the United States, making them uncommon in relation to other areas within the business field.

College Majors in Receptionist Studies

A receptionist is one of the first people that customers see when they walk into an office or headquarters, so it is important that receptionists are friendly, informative, and efficient.

Given all of the responsibilities of receptionists today, including filing, scheduling appointments, providing directions, and other office tasks, programs in receptionist studies have been developed for those looking to earn an associate's degree. Students who are looking to earn their receptionist degree can expect to take introductory classes in business management, public relations, administrative assistance, and secretarial sciences.

In the United States, only thirty-one colleges and universities offer receptionist degrees, including Brookhaven College, Empire College, and Utah Valley University.

College Majors in Nonprofit Management

Business programs have a stigma of constantly being concerned with money - how it's made, how it's kept, and how it's spent. However, students majoring in nonprofit management learn how to run and work with charities, nonprofit organizations, and other forms of business that are not in business to make money or sell things.

Students in nonprofit management programs can expect to take classes in administration and management, public finance, human resources, grant writing, and taxation. Since nonprofits have to be watchful of how much money is taken in each year, how money is spent, and how much money is spent on programming, those who work in the nonprofit field have to understand laws governing and regulating nonprofit groups and the various classifications of these organizations, in addition to knowing how to run a business.

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In the United States, fifty-nine colleges and universities offer undergraduate degrees in nonprofit management, including Alderson-Broaddus College, Arizona State University, and Empire College.

College Majors in Purchasing, Procurement, and Contracts Management

Some areas of the business field involve transferring a variety of goods, from office supplies to fruits and vegetables to yachts and ocean liners. While buying apples, shoes, and paper at the store seem to be rather simple transactions, the buying and selling process is a multi-layered set of transactions.

Students studying purchasing, procurement, and contracts management take an in-depth look at the buying and purchasing methods, theories, laws, and ethics that regulate how we do business. Students also learn about contractual laws, negotiation techniques, and international business.

In the United States, forty colleges and universities offer programs in purchasing, procurement, and contracts management that will usually result in an associate's degree. These schools include Arizona State University, Ashland University, Central Michigan University, and Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis.

College Majors in Apparel and Accessories Marketing Operations and Fashion Modeling

For fashionistas who love jewelry, bags, and accessories, a major in apparel and accessories marketing operations may be an ideal college major.

Students in apparel and accessories marketing management learn how to sell clothes and accessories to department stores, wholesale buyers, and consumers. Courses in fashion merchandising and operations management round out an apparel and accessories marketing program.

In the United States, thirteen colleges and universities offer programs in apparel and accessories marketing operations, including Brookhaven College, Michigan State University, and Philadelphia University.

For fashionistas who love to show off the newest trends and additions to their wardrobes, a degree in fashion modeling may be the start to a career in the fashion industry. Students in a fashion modeling program not only learn how to model clothes, but how to apply make up for use on stage and manage fashion shows, in addition to taking classes in photography, advertising, and business management.

Only two schools in the United States, the Fashion Institute of Technology and Harper College, offer undergraduate programs in fashion modeling, which will lead to an associate's degree.

College Majors in Vehicle Parts and Accessories Marketing

If a student likes tinkering with vehicles and sprucing them up to include the latest gadgets and gizmos, a program in vehicle parts and accessories marketing may lead to a fulfilling and exciting career.

Students in vehicle parts and accessories marketing programs will take classes in sales, automotive technology, operations management, and marketing. These programs typically lead to an associate's degree.

Eight colleges and universities offer programs in vehicle parts and accessories marketing, including Bates Technical College, Pennsylvania College of Technology, and Spokane Community College.

The business field offers a wide array of majors for students looking to get into the business industry. While there are several majors that are standard offerings in business programs around the United States, there are many programs that are unique to a small number of colleges and universities.

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