Path of Exile: The harvest is all about monsters. Literally. As the name implies, the latest alliance and expansion of the ongoing ARPG are to build their own farms. When your plants are ready for harvest, they will produce a batch of monsters for you to kill. If you are successful, you can use POE Currency to maintain their lives, and use it to create powerful items.

Developer Grinding Gear Games realizes that not all players want to play farm games, so every effort has been made to ensure that building and maintaining monster farms is a simple task. GGG is also eager to distinguish this league from the previously heavily battled Delirium league, so although there are still many shortcomings, you need to be creative to get the best return.

Of course, the upcoming Harvest League also means the transformation of skills and fighting style, as well as a lot of new legendary equipment. We have a preview of the new alliance and content of PoE 3.11, so please continue to read our understanding of Harvest.

The release date of PoE 3.11 is June 19, 2020 for PC, and the week of June 22, 2020 for Xbox One and PS4. Grinding Gear Games managing director Chris Wilson insists that Harvest’s June 19 release date is provisional. Given the global COVID-19 pandemic, it is difficult to guarantee the exact release date.

The Harvest Alliance is about to start, and you will meet the new NPC Osabi. She was excluded from the superstitious Azmeri people, and her interest in gardening potential prompted her to seek a new identity. She discovered a new area called the Holy Grove, which is an ancient and mysterious garden. To help her seek self-discovery, she asked the exiles to help her realize her farm dream.

For you, this means that you will encounter magical tree roots while playing on the path of exile, which indicate the location of the seed cache-at least one in each area of ??the game. Each cache will drop some seeds and then plant them in the holy bush. Every time you open the cache, Oshabi will open a gateway to the forest, so this is a very instant process, you will kill the monster in a short time, POE Orbs can also let you experience this feeling.

After entering the Holy Grove, you can sow anywhere, but there are many factors to consider in the decision, as described below. You also need to build a collector near any seeds so that once they bloom they can absorb all the sweet vitality. Just click on the collector and the plants will explode and fight with the monsters.