"Path of Exile: Harvest" Major Update-Seed Cache

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Almost every game company is affected by one or more of the continuous spread of COVID-19. Although New Zealand is one of the countries least affected by viruses, it turns out Grinding Gear Games is no exception. Because the country is blocked, the team works mainly at home. However, despite the current events, the latest expansion of the Path of Exile is still on a relative track. On Tuesday, Grinding Gear unveiled the next major update of the dungeon crawler, "The Road to Exile: Harvest."

For players on the path of exile, Harvest will be one of the most ambitious expansions in the game to date. Players will encounter a new NPC named Oshabi, Azmeri eliminated this character, he condemned superstition activities. Oshabi believed in the power of the land and its potential, especially after the discovery of the ancient sacred jungle. But to make full use of the power of POE Currency, she needs players who can help them cultivate the soil.

Players encounter sources of magic during the game. These root causes will point to the "seed cache", and some special seeds will be generated when marking. After laying down the life collector, these seeds can be planted in the holy bush. Players can find other seed caches to collect more seeds. Tag seed cache can also help the passage of time and increase the number of seeds that have been sown by one unit.

So what are these seeds used for? The simplest level 1 seeds will release wild, primitive or rare breeds of monsters. Defeat those monsters to collect their vitality, which can be used to create new powerful items. That is the most basic use, if you want to become more complicated?

Players are likely to perform this operation when arranging a more complex garden to activate a level 2 seed, which may sometimes fall from level 1 monsters. To incubate the second-tier monsters, players must arrange specific seed colors for the garden and arrange them in order. Level 2 seeds need to be properly irrigated, so players need to build a dispenser and connect it to the condenser and their garden through pipes. If this is not enough, the layer 2 monster will occasionally drop the layer 3 seed, which has greater requirements for growth.

The cultivation of Grade 2 and Grade 3 seeds can be difficult, but it turns out that it is worth it. They can produce special items and handicrafts, whose rarity and power level are different from anything seen so far in The Path of Exile. Level 3 monsters can even sow seeds in Boss encounters. Of course, you need to buy Chaos Orb. Even if the garden is perfectly arranged, there is still the problem of defeating the monsters in those plants. But you can collect rewards only by defeating monsters.