NBA 2K21 badge: what needs to be changed

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The badge is the basis of NBA 2K. We have to thoroughly solve the problems of polishing, neurasthenia and being cut off. The next generation 2K series and NBA 2K21 are coming. As the badge becomes the cornerstone of the game, we hope that the badge will continue to play a huge role. Also important in the new version is NBA 2K20 MT Coins. Buying NBA 2K21 MT Coins can greatly enhance the player's strength and game experience. Although NBA 2K20 has made great progress in badges, NBA 2K21 still has a lot to change.

Quick draw
When you think of players like Klay Thompson who issue extremely fast, quick draws make sense. But as far as the actual effects in the game are concerned, quick draws do more harm than good. The series of badges, or make it significantly slower.

Pogo stick
When it comes to defensive basketball, timing is everything.
Because the badge has the ability to completely distort the defense and how scorers create opportunities in a one-to-one situation, it needs to be cut off or fundamentally changed. The badge cannot make things such as paint protection so dumb as to send spam to the button.

Fancy footwork
Actions like Eurosteps have taken over the NBA and have innovated how the offense paints from 1st to 5th. Unfortunately, the reality in the game is that "Fancy Footwork" makes the already too powerful driving animation more unbearable for defenders. This is because the badge can help the player enter one of many effective completion animations, and these animations have little game or reaction to them, so they can help them surpass the defenders. It’s important to capture new actions that are so important in today’s games, but this badge simply cannot be achieved with the current form of animation.

Many people classify such broken badges as badges that distort NBA 2K gameplay and have little countermeasures. Hope to improve in 2k21, want to play well in 2K21, it is indispensable to the power of NBA 2K21 MT Coins, so we can now Buy NBA 2K20 MT Coins to prepare for the new version.