Why Keisha Cole Changed Her Hair

Keisha Cole has a new haircut. Why did she change her hair? What was wrong with the old one? Let's see what is behind all that buzz.

1. Keisha Cole's new haircut is controversial

Keisha Cole, the little sister of RB singer Monica, has been getting a lot of attention for her new haircut. Cole, who is also a singer, debuted a buzzcut on Twitter yesterday. The haircut has been met with both praise and criticism. So why did she change her hair?

While Twitter users rushed to free her from the constant "cut here, change your hair, rock out" messages, Dorsey sees things one way: as a commercial opportunity.

Why is Cole getting a new haircut, you ask? She tweeted a photo yesterday of a magazine cover featuring an image of her smiling next to the new cut.

2. She may have changed her hair for the same reason that many people do

Dawson says the reason she cut her hair is that she had been growing it out for a while, but it was getting in the way of her work, and she needed a change. It's a good reminder that sometimes you need to do something drastic to shake things up and get yourself out of a rut.

3. What are the golden rules to keeping a hairstyle and hair color?

There are three rules to keeping your keyshia cole ponytail hairstyles and hair color. First, make sure you're getting regular haircuts to keep your hair from getting too long and unmanageable. The second thing is to make sure you're conditioning your hair regularly – using a good leave-in conditioner and a deep conditioning mask at least once a week. Finally, your hair color is tied to your melanin level. If your hair reaches a certain color level, use the color it's meant for. Lesson two: don't get a weave or permed hair.

When your father-in-law told Keisha that he finally found someone he'd love to marry, Keisha got nervous.

Why didn't she accept him as he gave it his all and wanted to do everything for him? Guess what? She'd resent him after spending all that time trying to hurt his feelings.

Keisha decided she'd give it a chance. "I'll tell you my honest truth: That's a lot to ask," she says. "You're a big man. I feel like I have to do a lot of heavy lifting." But when it came time to propose, she found the perfect woman.

So why did she keep her old hairstyle then?

"I didn't really have time to change. I didn't feel like I had that time, you know?" she says. So she gave it her all.

"It was so uncharacteristic of me," she admits. "I mean, we all come to a crossroads — you're either willing to commit or you're not."

But she had a choice. She could either take the chance she'd wasted by letting her irrational initial response set the course for the rest, or she could hold on and grow frustrated with how Hal and Loni rejected her.

So what changed?

It was the way they reacted.

"You're not supposed to fall for that easy," she says. "You do not have that intention."

As her groom walked up to her and told her, "You don't need to believe that." She didn't believe it then.

4. Most people don't realize how vital a hairstyle can be until it's gone

There's a meme of a woman with a freshly shaved head. Underneath the photo, it says, "When you realize how important your hair is." It's hilarious, but when you look at it, it's a perfect point. 

I didn't appreciate my hair until it was gone. Then, when I was about fourteen, I got interested in the science of hair, how it works, and how it can change with the environment. Eventually, people started asking me questions about hair since I was learning more about it. 

My hair was whitish until the ages of ten and eleven, a bit too much of a goofy color, but polite and "silly" wasn't strong enough to describe it. From eleven to sixteen, it was long. On a good day, I'd pull it out in public twice. People would laugh and call me a rebel.

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