PJers consider mages to be free loot

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Most people already are aware that the mage's defense is 70% magical level, and 30% defense level. This is a huge problem for RuneScape Gold defense against mage, particularly for foolish pures. My opponent has just one defense, but 50 magic. He has not achieved any combat level that he has already defenmced against me. Classic magic was added to the combat level.

This means that you could be a low mage or battle levels that were not used in RS. Everyone now seems to have high levels of mage defense even though they aren't getting to the level of combat. Despite the fact that I wear black dragonhide chaps at one defense, a pure 1 has an invulnerable defence against my attacks. His range and mellee attack hit me as if they were mine.

KO. It was a pure amge. after fighting for a while my opponent began to attack him with a slash and he's got low HP, how can I get him killed? The double stack combination is only effective at a distance. I'm not able to kill him using hybrid gear, so I have to choose hybrid. Hybridizing poses a different issue. The hybrid gear I wear can reduce my magic attack and I'll not be able to OSRS Buy Gold bring him to a lower level in his health.

PJers consider mages to be free loot. They know that there is no way to stop them or ko their once they approach you. The chance of them failing to spec is extremely small.

This thread was first posted on Runescape forums. ;) Hi! Have you ever wondered how Scaperune's inhabitants acquired their skills? Are they different skills? These are your choices! Note down the ways in which each of the Scaperune residents would train their talents. Make it as hilarious as you can but not too wierd.

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