New World Cooking Tips: What recipes to cook

For New World players, the most important trading skill is cooking.

In New World, players can make items in various ways. For New World players, the most important trading skill is cooking. Players can get some New World Coins through trading, and then purchase better equipment and weapons to enhance their strength. The food made is also the most important healing item for players. But players may be confused about the cooking recipes. Here are the cooking techniques in New World.

Go to any cooking station in any settlement to cook. If the players keep the ingredients in the storage shed to save inventory space, they can stay there while cooking, but the players must cook in the same place. The first set of New World Coins after creating the character should allow players to master several levels of cooking skills, so players will be able to make all four basic recovery foods: Light Ration, Travel Ration, Energizing Light Ration and Energizing Travel Ration. You can consume light and travel rations to restore health, and consume energy rations to restore mana, and for these two groups, travel rations are superior.

Travel rations not only provide better recovery for those who eat it, but it also rewards more cooking points and experience when players make them. Making any travel ration requires a single secondary raw food, such as red meat, and a raw food from any level, and 24 cooking points are awarded on the basis. After cooking to level 5, players will unlock craftable cooking components such as flour, butter and cheese. But when players reach level 20, players should wait to unlock some food recipes for trade skills. These recipes reward more points, and after consumption, can help players get more from other collecting skills. Of course, players can also directly buy New World Coins to quickly improve their strength.

Continue to upgrade to level 40 to unlock attribute food. These foods will Buy ESO Gold in various attributes. It classified each food recipe according to each attribute. As players improve their cooking skills, players will unlock the food of each attribute. Level 21 to 25: Strength food. Level 26 to 30: Smart food. Level 31 to 35: Intellectual food. Level 40 to 45: Physical food. Level 45 to 49: Focus on food. These recipes will give players a lot of cooking points, but they are not as easy to make as some standard recipes, because most require specific items rather than any level of things. The last thing players should pay attention to is that the player needs to go to the town committee of the settlement, because there are often tasks there that require a specific number of carefully crafted cooking recipes.