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Bookkeeping is an essential vital component of every business structure. Business owners must understand where their money is, how much they have to spend or invest, as well as whether they are losing or gaining money. Traditionally, a bookkeeper would come by once a week or once a month to collect all of the invoices purchase orders that the owner had accumulated for the week.

A typical bookkeeper would next enter the figures into the ledger so that the accounting is in the same sequence. The most significant disadvantage of using a traditional bookkeeper is that the data were frequently delayed by up to a week or month. This could result in delays miscalculations of corporate finances, putting the company in a deficit.

A virtual bookkeeper is a person that a company would hire to manage their books with them and not have a physical presence that usually costs time and money. A virtual bookkeeper takes into account receipts, invoices, and business statements and electronically records them into a readable report that would be updated periodically and could be viewed on command.

The virtual bookkeeper would allow the business to have a more up-to-date statement on their financial records and allow them to examine the bottom line at a moment's notice. Here the business owner can make crucial decisions on how the money is allocated or spent or how the money is invested for future endeavors. The virtual bookkeeper is off-site and is communicated electronically through the digital medium.

The virtual bookkeeper is faster, more efficient, and saves time in the long run. The records of a virtual bookkeeper are more secure because they are kept in a separate location out of curious eyes. The virtual bookkeeper will allow access to your books only to the people that you have trust in and give permission to see.

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