Steps to Online Learning: How to Effectively Change to a New Format in Online Learning

For the successful organization of online learning, parents, students and teachers must interact. Each link in this process has responsibilities and duties.



 Older children can quickly adapt to changes, with younger children it is more difficult. I have two children, and the oldest is in kindergarten. The first weeks of distance learning were very difficult to tune in and organize a son. But gradually everything can be reconfigured, and parents should contribute to the development of new habits and rules in the family. But the most important thing is to encourage the child, because there may be a feeling that he is on vacation, and why education on a computer, on which they usually play or watch a movie. Encouragement can also manifest itself in helping to write essays. For this there is write my essay for me which can encourage your child to learn even better. This will motivate him to study well.
 The task of parents is to tune the child to the correct rhythm and show that learning can be of any format: it can be interactive, online, and the teacher does not necessarily have to stand over his head.

Build the school knowledge base

 Don't forget about the benefits of cloud storage. They will help create a school knowledge base with the necessary learning content and materials for further study. This will allow you to prepare for future challenges, quickly switch between online and offline formats. Such a base of interactive content will allow in the future to conduct individual lessons with students who could not attend classes with the class, without spending a lot of teacher's time. Therefore, the creation of a knowledge base, interactive educational content, the development of online cases and the necessary didactic materials will help to realize this.

Organization of training

 During online lessons, it is important to properly organize the work of students, establish interaction between them, involve them in teamwork, and make the study time fun and interesting. Students need to be given initiative and the opportunity to express themselves creatively. If children suggest using certain content or software, it is worth supporting. Even if a student wants to write an essay in a special way, do not forbid him. With the help of, on the contrary, help him to competently collect material for writing. This will help him organize the writing material well.
 During online training, it is important to more clearly define the deadline for each job. Why? Of course, these are normal homework assignments for both teachers and students, but children get the feeling that they are on vacation and, therefore, can be frivolous about doing homework. To do this, you should establish the rules according to which students will send completed work: in the form of photos and scanned copies, or in a special application, if this is implemented by the school. As with traditional lessons, you need to set rules clearly, discuss the consequences of not completing assignments on time, and encourage students to learn at the same pace. Do not forget to collect feedback on how the lesson went and whether the children understood the material.
 Build teamwork. The teacher must be a leader, bring the team together and create an atmosphere so that children remember that they remain one class, although they are far from each other.
 Use game content during lessons. Subconsciously, the child will think that he is playing, but in fact he will acquire knowledge and will be able to understand that a laptop or computer was created not only for entertainment, but also for learning and work.
 In advance, choose the way you plan to transfer materials to students, and do not forget to communicate with them in the same language. It is better to send short tasks to a group in a messenger or email, and large files - upload to the "cloud" and share only a link.
 Don't forget about feedback. Feedback from students will help you understand whether the lessons are interesting and whether you convey the information clearly.
 Will the school go completely online? I think no. The teacher will still remain a mentor for children, a mentor, will guide them, give advice, teach them to perceive information correctly. However, there is a high probability that in the future we will have a hybrid form of education - we will study both offline and online. Now there are many qualitative changes, so we must reconsider our attitude to things around and find inspiration for new solutions.


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