Diablo 4 must be more like the path of exile

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No one will say today: "The auction house in Diablo III is a cool idea." But if you study the problem more deeply, then buy and sell POE Currency (not for real money, but to get it from the game Gold) is a solution that should appear in some form in Diablo IV.


Today, New Zealand production has become the absolute leader of the "Action RPG" genre and has maintained a leading position for many years. Not accidentally: Developers soon focused on developing a production-as-a-service development model, which was clearly prepared for Diablo 4. Very good, because the popular "game as a service" can and sounds bad, but it can be implemented wisely-just like POE.


Facts have proved that the ability to exchange items activates and maintains the interests of the community. We found an item that could be sold, and the money we made was invested in something more useful. Of course, there are separate modes for opponents you cannot trade, which is friendly to every player.


Let us also look at the season. For many years, the inseparable elements of "gaming services" existed not only in "Path of Exile", but also in "Diablo 3". The problem is that Blizzard's title most often modifies some statistics, such as calculating bonuses for completing a complete set of games. Of course, they opened up new areas for experimentation, but let's compare it with the season of POE. In each quarter, we will get a new and extensive entertainment mechanism to permanently modify the entire product.


The drawback of the path of exile is that the entry level is very high, and beginners have little chance to immerse themselves in the Internet, guides and discussion forums to create meaningful roles. For "Diablo 4", this is an opportunity, and the mechanism is definitely simpler.


On the other hand, the degree of complications also has its advantages. The extensive currency system in POE means that when we clean up subsequent maps, we find many items worth picking up, even if they are not weapons or armor. We know that Buy Exalted Orb is always an interesting moment, digital growth, wealth growth, opportunity growth. Therefore, Blizzard may point out that it is not the gold of the auction house, but something more interesting.