The overall status of Colin Kaepernick in the new season of "Madden 22"

There are 14 players ahead of Kaepernick.

In the NFL, even though there is no team with Colin Kaepernick to enter, he was still seen in the latest version of "Madden".

However, several teams may switch their starting players to Kaepernick based on the overall ratings given to him by the annual video game series. In the "Madden 22" released on Buy Madden 22 Coins Thursday, the former San Francisco 49ers quarterback achieved a good score of 81 overall. In "Madden 22" this score exceeded half of the league's starting quarterbacks.

Derek Carr of Las Vegas Raiders quarterback also received an overall score of 81. And behind Kaepernick are several famous quarterbacks such as: Minnesota’s Kirk Cousins, Pittsburgh’s Ben Roethlisberger, Detroit’s Jared Goff, New England’s Cam Newton, San Francisco’s Jimmy Garoppolo and Indianapolis’ Carson Wentz.

There are 14 players ahead of Kaepernick. Ranked number one with 99 points is Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes. Among them, Tom Brady was ranked second with 97 points, and Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson ranked third and fourth.

Since the 2016 season, he has been banned from MUT 22 Coins participating in league games because he often kneeled when the national anthem was sounded to protest racial and social injustices across the United States. Although such protests have occurred from time to time in the sports world, Kaepernick's protests have caused widespread concern in the society and have been banned by the NFL.

In 2019, he accused the NFL of blackballing him, and eventually he reached an undisclosed settlement agreement with the league.

Although it is still difficult for Kaepernick to get the team to accept him this season, "Madden" players can use him to promote their favorite team.

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