How to Making Bells - Animal Crossing New Horizons 2020

How to Making Bells - Animal Crossing New Horizons 2020


You need to pay that loan, you need some bridges, you need that slick new dress, and so on. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is all about bells, and you need more. For the most part, you make money in Animal Crossing the same way that you do in real life: by selling rare fruits to raccoons. The nice thing about the economy in the game is that there’s really no wrong way to go about it, because you will always make money unless you blow it all on turnips and let them rot. But if you’re a bit into the game and want to start increasing your productive capacity, here are some tricks for making bells much faster.

Scour the beaches (and the beeches)

Very early on in your New Horizons journey, you’ll be looking to get bells quickly anywhere you can. A great source of early cash can be found in the shells that regularly wash up on the beaches of your island. You should also make sure you shake the trees on your island once a day, as not only will you find sticks, you’ll sometimes get bundles of bells or even items for your house that can be sold if you don’t want them. Once you start making a decent income, these items won’t be worth much in the grand scale, but early on they’ll add up to a good sum when combined with fishing and bug hunts.

Develop an orchard

Fruit is worth big money in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and your island will come with its own wealth of one type of fruit trees. Rather than sell all the fruit you collect of these trees, we recommend saving a good bunch to produce an orchard. Once you’re able to craft or buy a shovel, you can plant any fruit directly from your inventory by standing next to a hole in the ground.

Collect other types of fruit from gifts, visiting friends or by setting out on Mystery Island Tours (you’ll find coconuts and one other type on each tour), then dedicate a space on your island to planting plenty of fruit. Once the trees are grown you’ll have a steady output of fruit every few days which can be sold for plenty of bells.

The Money Rock

One of the rocks on your island will be filled with Bells every day!

To maximize your gain, dig a hole behind your character so that you are not too affected by recoil once you hit the rock with your shovel. Also, make sure to clear any of the squares immediately surrounding it.

If you do this correctly, up to 8 bags of Bells will come flying out, earning you a little more than 16,000 Bells per day.

When it comes to getting the most from your Money Rock, you should definitely learn how to harvest rocks properly. You only have a limited time after hitting a rock for the first time before it’ll stop supplying any goods that day. To maximize the output, you should place holes in the ground one space away from the rock (as shown in the image above). This will make sure you can’t get pushed away from the rock and you have enough time to get eight items from it. Do this with the money rock and you’ll be rewarded with a massive 8000 bell satchel as well as several smaller chunks of bells.

Sell the item of the day

Progress through the days and you’ll eventually see Timmy and Tommy set up Nook’s Cranny, a shop that stocks all kinds of useful goods. They also ask for one special item each day, doubling its value when sold. If you can, collect and give these items over at the store on the day they show up and you can make big bells in no time at all.

Plant a Money Tree

If a Money Rock sounds weird to you, wait until you find out about the Money Tree. By planting cash in the ground in certain places, you can grow a tree that’ll produce bells instead of fruit. Impressive, right? Money Trees will offer up thousands of bells each time it bears fruit, so don’t miss your chance to plant them.

Dig up Fossils daily

Every day, your island's resources are reset. Rocks again provide stone, clay and ore, trees provide wood, cracks reappear in the ground.

Fossils are worth a fortune, so dig them up daily to have them assessed by Blathers. With a little luck, they'll be duplicates, meaning you can then sell them for top Bell dollar.

Seashells are also a good source of Bells, so go beachcombing for them as soon as you can!

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