VBC Is Offering Vodafone Data Roaming Plans on Your Own Budget

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Travel carefree with Vodafone Data Roaming Plans

Cellular networks vary by country/region, and your phone may not be compatible with the network in the country/region you visit. Your phone network will only be suitable for voice calls, but other functions (such as texting or sending and receiving data) may not be available. It is best to consult your mobile service provider before leaving the country and see their services and packages regarding international data roaming.

Data roaming occurs when your phone disconnects from the carrier’s network and connects to another network. Roaming allows you to make calls, send text messages, and use wireless data even if you are not on the network's regional coverage.

When you use one of our prepaid phone services to travel abroad, you can freely enjoy, record, and share the wonderful experience, and be in touch with your business affairs without worrying about buying a local SIM card, buying a SIM card while roaming, or locating free Wi-Fi.

Through Vodafone data roaming plans, we provide prepaid roaming add-ons that you can use in more than 80 selected countries/regions around the world, regardless of whether you topped up with Prepaid Plus or Pay and Go last time. You can easily take your Australian phone number overseas.

International Vodafone Data Roaming Plans

Vodafone data roaming plans are the best wireless carrier for traveling perks. In fact, you might not need to buy a data pass at all. If you have Vodafone data roaming plans, you will get unlimited basic data and texting in over 80 nations. You can conveniently choose any Vodafone data roaming plans suited to your needs.

All of Vodafone's data roaming plans come with global roaming perks. You can send texts, use basic data, and make calls for $5 Roaming while abroad with Vodafone data roaming plansVodafone data roaming plans currently cover more than 80 destinations worldwide. You can upgrade your Vodafone data roaming plans by daily or weekly plans.

Vodafone Data Roaming Plans Add-Ons

We provide the perfect Vodafone Data Roaming Plans Add-Ons for long weekends. Be it a 3-day holiday or 7-day getaway; you can choose any add-ons suited to your need while traveling. There are more than 80 selected countries/regions where you can use prepaid roaming add-on services.

You will be notified of your data roaming usage via SMS, and you can track your usage on the "My Vodafone" app at any time. If you like to browse the Internet or share your experience on social media, please choose a data roaming add-on. The add-ons are a complete package containing calls, text, and data, to give you full utility overseas.

Vodafone Data Roaming Plans Activation

You can activate the Vodafone Data Roaming Plans Add-ons either through the “My Vodafone” App, or you can activate your Add-on package by sending a code via text to 1511.

The best way to get prepaid roaming add-ons is through the “My Vodafone” App. You can also get add-ons by sending SMS to 1511 with the appropriate code and using your saved credit/debit card or "my Credit balance". If you use a prepaid roaming add-on, please make sure to activate international roaming in "My Vodafone".

Vodafone Data Roaming Plans Expiry

Add-on’s expiry starts at midnight as per Australian Eastern Standard Time from the time of purchase. "My Vodafone" App is free, so you do not need to access the Internet to activate Vodafone roaming add-ons.

$5 Roaming Plan

You can truly enjoy Max Speed data usage with a $5 Roaming plan, if you are on a Vodafone Infinite or Plus Plan, along with your call and text inclusions. If you use all data, Vodafone will add an additional 1GB of data in the $5 Roaming Plan.

You can use your$5 Roaming plan in 80 countries. $5 Roaming vary from country to country, so check our current regions before you travel. You can use up $5 Roaming plan for up to 90 days per year.

Vodafone Data Roaming Plans

Pre-Paid Add-On

5 $

15 $






Activation Code

Text “ROM 1” “1511”

Text “ROM 3” “1511”

Text “ROM 7” “1511”

Expiry From Time of Purchase

1 day

3 days

7 days

Call Minutes

25 minutes

90 minutes

200 minutes

International Texts




Pay-As-You-Go Roaming

When traveling to a country/region where the $5 roaming service is not available. If your Vodafone Data Roaming plan is not available for $5 Roaming in certain countries. If you have not enabled $5 roaming service on your phone. In such scenarios, Pay-As-You-Go Roaming rates will apply.

The rates for Pay-As-You-Go Roaming are:



Incoming Outgoing Calls

$1 per 60 seconds

Sending Text Messages

$0.75 per text message sent

PXT or multimedia/picture message

$0.75 per PXT message sent

Per MB data


Vodafone Perth Is Great for International Roaming

With Vodafone's only $5 roaming plan, you can enjoy high-speed data, incoming and outgoing calls, and SMS services in 80 countries/regions for an additional $5 per day.

The country for the $5 roaming plan may vary with TC applied. If the country/region you are visiting does not provide a $5 roaming service, you can use the Vodafone Pay-As-You-Go roaming service.

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