How to quickly clean the house

How to quickly clean the house yourself: on your own, with your own hands, tips

How to quickly clean the house yourself: on your own, with your own hands, tips



For effective cleaning, you should:

  • use mechanical wringing mops, which allows you to clean the floors with high quality, without bending over and without making any special efforts;
  • purchase wipes that eliminate dust without leaving streaks - to eliminate static electricity on household appliances, use a special polish once a month, which prevents the accumulation of dirt;
  • use only a high-quality composition for cleaning glass surfaces.

So that cleaning does not leave the slightest trace, you should not save on detergents and use them according to the instructions.

If you are one of those people who do not use the housekeeping service(, then this article with tips will be very useful to you. After all, people who work as maids do not worry about cleaning and tidying their house, because it is the responsibility of their service. But not all people can afford the housekeeping services, and they have to clean their own homes. Therefore, the tips described in the article will be very useful for you.

Features of cleaning in different parts of the house

It is very important to start cleaning properly. It starts from the parts of the house farthest from the entrance - this is necessary in order to consistently remove debris towards the exit. Cleaning activities in certain parts of the house are carried out from top to bottom - so the hostess gets rid of the need to clean the floor of debris twice.

  • In the kitchen, cleaning begins with cleaning the kitchen cabinets, shelves and refrigerator; the stainless steel sink is cleaned and wiped with a dry cloth for a clean look and discreet shine;
  • clean the walls and floor of the kitchen - when this operation is not carried out very often, the kitchen furniture is moved aside to completely restore cleanliness;

  • once a month, the refrigerator should be freed from all products - then they clean this useful household appliance and wipe it to a shine;
  • a neutral detergent should also be used to clean the microwave oven, after disconnecting it from the electricity source and removing the turntable;
  • in the bathroom, first of all, we clean the bathroom itself, rinse and wipe it, then check the freedom of water flowing in the drain;
  • the walls are fully washed, furniture is cleaned of layers, and, in conclusion, the floors are washed using ammonia, which leaves the coating perfectly clean and shiny;
  • cleaning with a household vacuum cleaner of garbage and dust is carried out once a week, and in the corners of the room, dust is manually removed with soft flannel;
  • before washing windows, dust should be removed from them - glass should be washed simultaneously on both sides with a quality glass compound to make sure there are no streaks on each side.

After cleaning is finished, they change to fresh bedding, air the rooms and light  scented candles . All that remains is to relax and enjoy the work of your own hands - a perfectly executed cleaning.




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