Troubleshoot AOL Mail Sign in error to regain access to AOL app on iOS devices

How to Create an AOL Account for Free 2021

There are steps available through which you can get your AOL app working again on your iOS devices. You need to download the AOL app on your iOS mobile and then go to AOL mail sign up to create a new AOL account. Get the best mailing experience with AOL on your iOS device. Once you create AOL account, click to AOL mail sign in to access your messages, share documents and chat with your colleagues, friends, and family.

However, things get ugly when you face errors with aol mail login in to access your AOL account. If your AOL mail app isn’t working properly on your iOS device, you need not to trouble yourself over the issue. Don’t lose hope as you can access your AOL account on most of the iOS devices by using AOL app, or Google chrome, mobile browser, or traditional email app on your device. Explore the method through which you can resolve the issue with a few troubleshooting steps.

In case, you still receive errors while trying to sign in in your AOL mail to add account, you might need to reset your password.

Update the software of iOS mobile device to the latest standard

The AOL app works properly with the latest version of iOS software. To sort out most of the AOL mail sign in issues, just ensure that you deploy latest iOS version on your mobile device.
Forces shut down and reinstall your AOL app

Make sure that you have iOS 9.3 or later version installed on your device to make this process work smoothly:

Click twice the Home button

Swipe up on the icon of the AOL app on your touch screen

Re-launch the app and try to reproduce the issue

Remove and reinstall the AOL app on your iOS device

Tap and hold the AOL app icon on your touch screen until all app icon start to shake

Tap the “X” icon in the corner of your AOL appa

Press “Delete”

Press the “Home” button of your device to re-lock your display screen

Download the AOL app

Install the AOL app

Go for AOL Sign in to access your AOL account

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